Over 150 Years of Latinas Proudly Rocking Their Curls

Photo: Pinterest

Many Latinxs have been embracing their natural curls lately and it’s amazing to witness. Curly hair hasn’t always been accepted in our community due to the European beauty standards that have been pushed on people of color for centuries, which is why it’s so important we own and love our curls. Interestingly enough, when we looked back into Latinx pop culture history, we were able to find a number of iconic and legendary celebs who were rocking their ringlets before it even became socially acceptable.

After doing some extensive research, we managed to find some great examples of Latinx curly hairstyles, spanning 159 years (from 1860 to 2019) and compiled them into the ultimate hair throwback. Here you’ll learn a bit about each person wearing the hairstyle, about the hair trends of the era, and hopefully, walk away with some curly hair appreciation and inspiration of your own — check it out!




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