Paris Hilton Went to Mexico To Help Earthquake Victims, But Instead of Providing Help She Exploited Them

Celebrities often get involved with charitable work not just out of the goodness of their heart, but also because it looks good for their brand

Photo: Instagram/@parishilton

Photo: Instagram/@parishilton

Celebrities often get involved with charitable work not just out of the goodness of their heart, but also because it looks good for their brand. It sounds terrible when it’s put in those terms, but that’s just facts. There are a ton of celebrities and philanthropists that provide millions of dollars to organizations and ask not to be named. They don’t want any recognition for the good that they have done because ultimately it takes the spotlight off of the cause and places it on them. That is commendable. However, there are those that do want the attention for doing something good, and that can sometimes be sickening.

Case in point: Paris Hilton’s recent trip to the outskirts of Mexico City. Several towns here were extremely affected by the 2017 earthquake that killed more than 100 people.  The 7.1 earthquake was devastating to so many communities but thankfully people are helping, and one of them is Hilton. According to her Instagram, she has been involved somewhat, visiting people in the affected areas and providing funds for rebuilding. She was there in September, but that visit got no attention whatsoever.

“Sending my love to all the earthquake victims in #Xochimilco #Mexico. It broke my heart to see all these children & their families who lost their homes. ? I’m so grateful to have met with @SaveTheChildrento make a donation to build them new homes. It’s so important to help make a difference in the lives of those in need,” she said on Instagram.

Well she went back this week, for whatever reason, and stepped up her picture perfect camera pose. Images of Hilton have gone viral on social media not because she says she is helping to rebuild but because she’s exploiting these people. Her insensitive poses—including kissing a woman’s pregnant belly, is so despicable.

But it gets worse. There are other images of Hilton giving kids toys—that part is fine—but also giving them Hilton blankets, comforters, and her perfume. Because that’s what people need: Paris Hilton perfume. For the sake of argument, let’s just say gifts are amazing, because they are. Who wouldn’t want things that retail for more than $100?

But here’s the problem: In this case, it seems Hilton is more concerned with getting photo ops of her products with these people, rather than bringing awareness to the people themselves and their struggles. It’s all about her brand.

“Guys I just watched Paris Hilton’s snap story (idk how) and if you want to feel uncomfortable watch it too it’s nice she’s helping families in Mexico but she literally recording herself and this one fam and the parents look like they don’t wanna be filmed,” one person tweeted. “Idk i just feel like it’s already getting media coverage that she’s helping out over there.. which is beautiful of her but i don’t think its necessary for her to parade what she’s doing on social media…”

“I had such an incredible time yesterday with all the children & their families at #Xochimilco,” Hilton said on Instagram. “Such a rewarding experience to spend time with them & see the homes I donated to have built for them after the devastating earthquake.”

Maybe next time, try to actually be there for the people and not promote your products.

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