Peter Weber Will Be The Bachelor’s Second Latino

ABC announced the 24th Bachelor will be, you guess it… another white man — well, kind of

Photo: Instagram/pilot_pete

Photo: Instagram/pilot_pete

ABC announced the 24th Bachelor will be, you guess it… another white man — well, kind of. The next bachelor is fan-favorite Peter Weber, a 27-year-old pilot from California who is half-Cuban. Weber came in third place in the last season of The Bachelorette. 

There’s a ton of controversy surrounding the next season of The Bachelor because some fans were hoping the bachelor would be Mike Johnson. If the network had chosen Johnson, he could have been the show’s first black bachelor. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, who was the first black bachelorette in 2017, was one of those people who spoke out against ABC’s decision.

“I think Peter seems like a very nice guy. He seems lovely,” Lindsay said on  Entertainment Tonight. “This is absolutely nothing against him, but how many Peters have we seen before? What season are we on? 24. So, we’ve seen 24 Peters. I’m bored. And it’s nothing personal against him.” She added, “For the first time, I was very confident that we were going to see our first black Bachelor. And so if no one else is going to speak on it, then I guess it’s my duty to say it.” Johnson is now rumored to be dating Demi Lovato.

Weber certainly looks white, but that shouldn’t diminish his Cuban ancestry. Weber’s mom is Cuban. Some on Twitter mistakenly said that Weber would be the first Latino bachelor, but that’s not true. He will be the second. In 2014, Juan Pablo Galavis was the first Latino featured on The Bachelor.

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Weber spoke about the moment he found out he had been chosen to be the next bachelor.

“I was actually in my room…at my parents’ house,” Weber told DeGeneres. “I’m owning it! I was actually by myself. No one was home!” Weber said the person that called him wasn’t telling him the news outright. “He was kind of being a little sketchy on the phone. I was like, ‘Aww shoot, it’s going to be a no.’ And he does a pause and goes, ‘We want you to be our next Bachelor.’ And I just lost my mind, just started going crazy! He added, “The funny part was, I had to fly a red-eye that night from Burbank to Atlanta for my job. I was like, ‘I have to bring this down again. I have to focus.’ But I was wired for that entire flight. It was crazy.”

We’re excited to see how Weber incorporates his heritage on the next season. Perhaps they can all take a trip to Cuba, now that would be something.

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