The Pink Tax: 15 Things Women Pay More for Than Men

Photo: @allysonconway_realtor/Instagram

Probably the most important duty of journalism is to share information that the general public may not know. To inform you, as the reader, and thus empower you. To share what we learn, so you can then pass the information along. It’s what helps up to grow, improve and evolve. Imagine our sense of urgency when we learned how women pay much more for everyday items than men do. Seriously, how problematic is this?

Women paying more for the same items as men is referred to as the pink tax. Everyday items and services which we shop for on a regular basis are marked up significantly, simply because they are marketed towards women, and/or appear in the color pink. And retailers feel they can get away with it because they ultimately do. They are confident that we’ll be okay with spending more for the same products because we’re females who don’t care about spending and are thoughtless shoppers. It’s upsetting because not only do we earn less than men for the same exact work, but we have to pay more for the same exact items. The inequality between women and men, we found, extends to stores as well. It’s surprising to know just how many products we are paying more for but we very easily found  15. It’s time to demand that companies and stores ax the pink tax!




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