There Could Possibly Be a Coco Part 2 in the Works

Years before Pixar released Coco, we anticipated this animated film about Day of the Dead

Photo: Instagram//pixarcoco

Photo: Instagram//pixarcoco

Years before Pixar released Coco, we anticipated this animated film about Day of the Dead.  The movie was in its primary stages, but Latinos had lots to say about the concept and how it should be executed. Thankfully, Disney executives listened, waited, and released an incredible portrait of Latino culture and our love for Dia de Los Muertos through this beautiful story. It is because of that that Disney made a boatload of money and in Hollywood — when that happens — there’s always a sequel. However, we never really considered a part two to Coco because what else would there be left to say about Day of the Dead. We don’t have the creative juices to understand that that would never stand in the way of movie producers. All of that is to say that there’s a big possibility that Coco 2 is happening. Maybe! Here’s what we know.

An IMDB film database member, anthandsoc-95189, described what could be a plot summary of a sequel to Coco, which we will include below. First, we should add, Disney or Pixar has not confirmed this information:

“It’s been six years since the events happened for Miguel. But when Hector, Imelda, and his great, great grand-parents need Miguel’s help to come back to the Land of the Living because some mysterious, sinister masked skeleton is haunting and rules their world with an iron fist and sword and hates music. Miguel, Dante, Hector, & Imelda get help from a Zorro type of hero named Delgado. He fights for his friends, families, and loved ones. And he’s a little cooco.”

Hmmm. Does that sound like a good plotline? We didn’t think so. Let’s give it a shot:

Miguel, who is now older and getting ready for college, will be leaving his hometown of Santa Cecilia. He is heading to Mexico City with his guitar in hand for university life. When he arrives, he meets a classmate, a young lady named Isabella. She is quite different from Miguel, sort of. Her dad raised her in a strict household (just like Miguel), and she has no idea what Day of the Dead is all about. She opens up to Miguel that her mother died when she was a little girl, and ever since then her dad cannot bring himself to talk about his late wife because it is too painful. Miguel explains that Day of the Dead is about celebrating the life of people who have passed away. As Miguel shows Isabella how to decorate for Dia de Los Muertos, the two get transported back to Land of the Dead. Isabella begins a quest to find her mother, but they face evil spirits on the other side.

If you’d like to know the rest, Pixar will just have to contact us directly to let you know how it ends. You’re welcome! We will definitely keep you posted if we hear any news about Coco 2.

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