Coco Disney+ Short
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Pixar
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‘Coco’ Short ‘A Day in the Life of the Dead’ Premieres on Disney+

A brand-new Pixar animated short collection called Pixar Popcorn is available to stream on Disney+ today, and it includes a hilarious short featuring characters from the 2017 beloved hit movie, Coco. The two-minute-long mini-film entitled A Day in the Life of the Dead chronicles what it’s like to be one of the dead existing in the “Land of the Dead” and is full of giggle-inducing moments that the entire family is sure to get a kick out of.

The just-dropped collection of shorts from the animation gurus as Pixar features nine, two-minute episodes, based on characters from many of the film company’s fan favorites including Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles and Finding Dory. According to Disney+, this collections was “created directly by Pixar animators as quick pop of Pixar fun.

If A Day in the Life of the Dead is any indication, it delivers just that. Many fans of the movie Coco have been longing for more since the film, which has been lauded as an authentic and culturally-sensitive representation of Mexican culture and the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, hit theaters in 2017.

The short itself shows skeletons in the afterlife attempting to do normal human things like clean and eat and exercise, only to fail when their bones go clattering about and frequently well, um…fall off. Trust us, the kids will roll on the floor laughing. Because the short doesn’t take place in the human world, we sadly don’t get to see Coco’s beloved main character Miguel. It’s also completely bereft of dialogue, which we’re actually okay with given the mini-film’s brief nature. Thankfully though, everyone’s favorite arrivals agent gets plenty of screen time during the short, classically losing his jaw not once, but twice.

Anyone familiar with Mexican culture might even recognize the culprit the second time. The agent is attempting to take a bite of a chunk of cortadillo (traditional Mexican pink cake) and goes so far as to attempt taping his jaw back on to do so. Like we said, the kids are gonna love it!

While we’re still wishing and hoping for a Coco sequel one day, we’ll settle for the A Day in the Life of the Dead for the time being. And while we’re at it, we’ll just go ahead and watch the rest of the Pixar Popcorn episodes as well. We’re sure it’ll be 18 minutes well-spent, whether you’re three or 33. We’re also happy to see that Coco isn’t going to be the only Disney film centered around Latin American culture. Disney is planning to release a brand-new film entitled Encanto, about a Colombian family who possesses magical powers except the youngest daughter. We cannot wait to see how they honor Colombian culture in the film. Cheers, to more representation in film!