9 Memes Every Woman Who’s Ever Dealt With PMS Can Relate To

For most women of a certain age, getting your period is inevitable

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For most women of a certain age, getting your period is inevitable. Along with Aunt Flo’s undesirable monthly visit, PMS can knock many of us off our A-games. Mood swings out of nowhere, jeans fitting too tight because of unexpected bloating, and exhaustion that makes us want to stay in bed all day. Of course, there are some lucky ladies who breeze through PMS and their period as if nothing ever happened. I’m incredibly jealous of those women. For the rest of us, the inconvenience of PMS is all to real and these highly relatable memes capture our sentiments perfectly.

That feeling when a coworker walks by and you try and act chill even if there’s a war happening inside of you.



I swear I weighed 10 pounds less the day before.


Fair warning: If you want to speak, proceed with caution.



Once the PMS starts to kick in, we all have that moment of ‘not you again’ – until we realize the alternative.


Give me all the food – and don’t ask any questions.


It’s like all the jerks come out when you’re just not in the mood.



When you stop to think about all the gender inequality in the world and the fact that you have this hormonal interruption once a month … Not fair!



Oh and best believe I’m not about to deal with all this uncomfortableness alone!



Sometimes that PMS slips under the radar, but eventually the truth always comes out.

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