26 Books Written by POC That Should be Movies

Photo: @chicana_catwomxn/Instagram

Even though people will always say that the book is better than the movie, there are so many incredible libros that deserve to become films. Not only because the stories are worth telling on either the small or big screen (or both), but because they are narratives that aren’t being shared in Hollywood. This is especially true of POC stories, written by POC authors. That’s why when Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel, Crazy Rich Asians, became a massively successful film ($238.5 box office worldwide), it was such a triumph and an important moment. It was proof that you didn’t have to have an all-white cast to have a successful movie, or a book full of characters of European descent to have a best-seller. In fact, it went further than that, proving that something that featured a mostly Asian cast and characters could win.

We need more stories about people of color, by people of color to be seen on TV and in the movie theaters. To get the ball rolling, we selected 26 books that would make for great films–producers take note!




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