5 Podcasts Every Single Woman Should Listen to

Being single is a great time — don’t try and tell me otherwise

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Being single is a great time — don’t try and tell me otherwise. So, here’s a list of podcasts to help you get into the groove of being single if it’s a new experience, or to help you continue enjoying your single girl lifestyle. From dating to sex and to just having a few laughs, these podcasts will brighten up your week and teach you a little something about thriving as a single lady.


Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer


Byer (from MTV’s Girl Code and Netflix’s Nailed It!) talks about everything from chronic UTI’s, STI’s, and more. She brings experts on sex, other comedians, and provides a fresh and honest perspective on each topic. Most recent topics include sex tapes, threesomes, and the differences between love, lust, and infatuation. She fearlessly asks all the questions that we might be afraid to ask (“what’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?”). This is one to listen to when you don’t have an older, wiser sister to answer all your taboo questions.


The Hoe and the Hopeless

Two comedians, Kia and Deb keep it real out of Philly “working to destigmatize what it means to be a ‘hoe’ or ‘hopeless’.” Kia offers the fresh perspective of a sexually liberated woman who is in a committed relationship, while Deb gives the single girl’s perspective sans the ay bendito vibes that usually comes along with being a single and independent woman. These two cover everything from dating, resolutions, calling themselves (and others) out on their bullshit, and more. Listen to their podcast on Soundcloud.


Anna Faris is Unqualified!


This podcast by actress and comedian Anna Faris is an unapologetic look at relationships, from her not-so-expert opinion. Each episode has call-ins from people all around the country to get her non-professional input on their situation. The most recent episode goes into co-parenting (specifically, with someone who is a narcissist – eesh!). Recent guests include Nick Kroll, Sophia Bush, and Bill Hader.


Pretty, Angry

The hosts Annie Wensley and Dee Wisne take a deep dive into the psychology of what it means to be a woman today.


Thirst Aid Kit


This podcast from BuzzFeed talks about your crushes — every single one of them. Nichole Perkins and Bim Adewunmi will have you rolling laughing as they talk about your celebrity crush’s chest hair, and provide unlimited recommendations for new people to thirst after. This is the perfect podcast to take a break and laugh out loud during the week.  Thirst Aid Kit premieres a new episode every Thursday.

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