11 Practical Tips for Parents of Exceptional Readers

Kids reading is something to celebrate. But if your kid’s an advanced reader – a preschooler who’s already reading, or an elementary or middle school kid who’s reading way above grade level – finding appropriate books can be a real challenge. Your kid may be able to read the words, but is she ready for the material? And what about keeping kids interested when they can blow through a stack of books in an afternoon?

Simply picking books targeted to older kids may not be the answer. Some of those books might be too complex for them or have mature content they might not be ready for. The key is finding a book – or series – that’s engaging, well-matched to your kid’s literacy skills, and on target with his emotional development.

Here are some practical suggestions to help you pick books to suit your super readers.

Feed their interests. The risk with precocious readers is that they’ll get bored. But if you tap into what they love, they’ll enjoy reading multiple books on that subject. If your child only wants to read books about dogs or chess or soccer this month, let her. If he’s suddenly fascinated by graphic novels, that’s great. Got a gamer who’s hooked on Minecraft? There’s lots of literature about it. Especially in elementary school, follow your kid’s lead. These are the years when a lifetime of loving books begins. Let your children truly read for pleasure.




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