This Is Why You Should Stop Buying Cheap Toys for the Bedroom

Shopping for your a sex toy is always a bit of a challenge

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Shopping for your a sex toy is always a bit of a challenge. Which vibrator is right for you? What’s the right price? Should you listen to that girl in aisle three yapping about the purple rabbit vibrator in her hand? (And will you ever feel that comfortable with a sex toy in public?)

You will, actually —  if you know the single most important thing about buying a sex toy. It’s not the size. Not the vibration speed or the color. In fact, it’s not even the brand you choose or the price you pay. It’s what’s inside the vibrator that counts (awwww) and knowing that it’s ingredients are safe from cancerous toxins.

This is especially important for women who have maybe never purchased a toy before and or for those who can’t imagine shelling out the big bucks for their pleasure. Lots of those low-key toys that you see online just to get you started are made with cheap materials that are packed with carcinogens like plasticizers, solvents and phthalates.

Phthalates are often used to make rubber materials bend and flex more — and are generally considered by the FDA to be a  “probable human carcinogen.” Greenpeace campaigner Bart van Opzeeland, remarked that “it’s incredible that this substance can still be used in toys for adults. The last few years we’ve tested a lot of products but never before did we find such high concentrations.”

A high use of the jelly products (often the cheapest on can be especially dangerous since they are incredibly porous. They trap things like bacteria, fungus and viruses, which you then shove right back into your body. Constant contact with such things have lead people to the hospital with severe UTIs and kidney infections.

But don’t fret, there are alternative options! Luckily finding an adult toy that doesn’t involve the potential prospects of giving yourself cancer aren’t hard to find. Most brands will use labels to indicate they are using body-safe materials. And not all of these materials have to cost you an arm and a leg.

100% BodySafe Mission

The German-based company Fun Factory only creates eco-friendly and BPA-free toys at price points that don’t break the bank. They have smart balls to keep your Kegel muscles tight, and safe toys for anal and men that are under $50. It’s perfect for the conservative shopper, who wants pleasure, health and a deal all in one place here. (Though I do have to say, the self-thrusting, Bi STRONIC FUSION pulsator is like the price of a Beyoncé ticket that keeps on giving… and giving. Well worth the $200 plus that it will cost you.)


Get Energetic: Consider A Crystal Wand

If you want to go au naturale consider grabbing a crystal wand for yourself. Stores like NYMPHNYC, are selling crystal rose quartz products and toting their “heart opening” abilities, with stones that carry soothing, sexual energy.


Use Your Mind With Tantra

Can your body experience an orgasm with only using your mind? According to late tantra expert Psalm Isador, you absolutely can!  “Cultivating a healthy masturbation practice will help you have more energy, connect your sexuality to your mindfulness, understand your own body better so you can tell your partners how to please you, and remove old shame and negative energy that may be blocking you,” she said. If you think you’ve got the brain power to give it a try, you can read her step by step guide on how to get started.

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