7 Things You Have to Do When Visiting Quebec City and Montreal

quebec city and montreal hiplatina


For many people living in the United States, a trip to Canada is just a hop, skip and a jump away. At least for those living in the Northern United States, it’s within driving distant and is well worth a road trip. Canada is a country that boasts lots of unspoiled nature to explore as many historic and cultural sights to see and experience. Because of the long, cold and snowy winters that are common in pretty much all of Canada, many of the tourist attractions and activities tend to be seasonal — skiing and dogsledding in the winter or summer activities like outdoor markets and music festivals— so many people tend to plan their trips around these things. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do.

Living in New Jersey, the drive into the province of Quebec takes less than half a day and we’ve now made the journey twice. The first time we spent a long pre-kids weekend in Montreal and just a few months ago we drove up for a family vacation with our two kids to spend five days in Quebec City before stopping for another couple of days in Montreal on our way back home. We visited at the very beginning of Quebec’s shoulder season — the time period between high travel season and low travel season— so we were able to score great deals on vacation rental homes and still enjoy some warm—weather activities and attractions.  Now after two separate visits, we’ve concluded that there’s plenty to see and do no matter when you make the trek, particularly in Quebec.




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