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This Quinceañera Encouraged People to Register to Vote at Her Party

Early last month, we told you about Jolt Texas, an incredible Latinx organization, that launched an initiative to increase voter registration among Latinx at quinceañeras. Much like the organization itself, which helps the Latinx community stay informed and connected with matters that are important to them, this new initiative called #PoderQuince would help promote that people must be registered to vote. And, what better way to do that than at a quinceañera. Now, we see what #PoderQuince actually looks like in action.

Aleida Ramos celebrated her quinceañera recently in Harris County, Houston, and while all eyes were on her, she made sure her guests also knew they could register to vote at her party.

“Our vote ensures we continue to protect our community and those who matter to us most,” Aleida said to her guests, according to NBC News.

Her father, Marco Ramos Jr. also joined in on the campaign, saying to the people at the event, “We want to get as many votes out there for the next election.”

What Jolt Texas is aiming to do with its #PoderQuince initiative is to bring voter registration to a community that gets overlooked. While the Latinx vote is growing immensely, getting older generations of Latinx, as well as those that have just turned 18, is a group that gets cast to the side.

Because quinceañeras are such a huge part of our culture, bringing voter registration to the party is a perfect way to ensure no one will get left out of voting in 2020. For quinceañeras that want to host a voter registration booth with Jolt Texas at their party, all they have to do is sign up, and Jolt does the rest.

Aleida said that she was intrigued about Jolt Texas after they informed her about issues that were taking place right in her community of Houston. It was that knowledge that made her want to do her part in creating change.

“I liked their stories and what they said about everything, and I wanted to do something that would help us — trying to make a difference in things for our community,” Aleida told NBC News. “It inspired me.”

While Jolt definitely helped her make an informed choice, her dad has also instilled in her the importance of voting.

“My dad tells me I have to be educated to vote and have to know what I’m voting for and about the person,” Aleida said. “He says, ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery and no one but yourself can free your mind,'” Aleida said quoting her Dad — who is clearly a Bob Marley fan.

For more information on how you can host your quinceañera with Jolt Texas and be part of #PoderQuince, click here.