These Are the Racist People Who Want Hurricane Willa To Take Out Migrant Caravan

There’s a catastrophic hurricane headed for the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Photo: Unsplash/@shashanksahay

Photo: Unsplash/@shashanksahay

There’s a catastrophic hurricane headed for the Pacific Coast of Mexico. But some people on social media aren’t sharing messages of hope or prayers for the people of Mexico, they’re actually laughing at the fact that Hurricane Willa is headed straight for the migrant caravan that aims to seek asylum at the U.S./Mexico border.

This next disastrous hurricane, which will make landfall later today or this evening, will affect our neighboring country. The National Hurricane Center reports that Hurricane Willa — now a Category 4 — will make landfall “along Mexico’s southwestern coast Tuesday afternoon or evening” with 155 mph winds.

The migrant caravan now has an estimated 7,000 people from Central America and is located in the towns of Tapachula and Huixtla, Mexico, according to news reports. But they aren’t anywhere near the hurricane’s path, nor will they be because their distance is too far off.

For these people to walk hundreds of miles, it will take weeks and yet people think that Hurricane Willa, which is in on the Pacific western side of Mexico will aim at this impoverished people. The sad and ridiculous part about all of this is that some of the people making these racist comments about the caravan and the hurricane call themselves Christians.

Here’s some of their comments — and feel free to report them.

@BigBallinPapa: “A sign from above? lol”

@TDKCDRW4x1: “More It looks like a Hurricane appeared just in time to halt the migrant caravan. Nature works in mysterious and supiscious ways.”

@ussheffield: “The invading mod headed to US border said “only God” would keep them out: #Caravan #Border #Illegals #MAGA.”

@Brendarober265: “May not have so many invaders afterall. Natural solutions are always better.”

@republicknicks: “Another hurricane coming Right before the caravan it Might Just kill them Hurricane Willa the name.”

@sxdoc: “Willa is from the word William which means Valiant Protector..God has sent Willa into the path of the caravan as his protector of the USA. What are the odds that at the time of a invasion a hurricane would form..the weather service would be into the W’s, and Willa would be it!”

If that isn’t completely heartless, we don’t know what is.

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