22 Reasons Why You Need to Be Following Latinx Twitter

We definitely have a presence on the social media platform but need to work on making Latino Twitter a real thing, and a true force to be reckoned with

Photo: Unsplash/@purzlbaum

Photo: Unsplash/@purzlbaum

We definitely have a presence on the social media platform but need to work on making Latino Twitter a real thing, and a true force to be reckoned with. To use it as a collective means to inform us on what’s happening in our communities; educate us on our history, culture, and current topics of importance; and incite much-needed change. This means tweeting about how we aren’t represented enough in so many different fields, sharing what you learn about all things Latinx, asking those crucial questions, calling out BS, and calling on other Latinxs to get on board with movements that matter. All while using the hashtag #LatinoTwitter.

To get the ball rolling, we wanted to share some of the tweets that do make Latino Twitter such a great tool, and showcase reasons why it is an important part of our modern-day toolbox for remaining visible, supported and respected.

Laughing at Those Things All Our Families Do

Latino Twitter offers so many laughs that revolve around how we grew up in the culture. These often make their way to Latinx Instagram and publications like HipLatina. Just when you think you’re alone in the world, you see a tweet like this reminding you that you are definitely a part of a larger community. You swear you’re the only one who was woken up way too early in the morning by mom! Then you learn that it happened to most Latinxs!

“The United States’ Biggest Foe Right Now is Donald Trump”


A more important function of Latino Twitter is to call out political injustice and hold those in government accountable for their actions — even the President. One of the champions of this is Nicoya Ana Navarro-Cárdenas. She never hesitates to call out the BS spewing out of Trump’s mouth and emerging from the end of his Twitter fingers.

Those Inside Jokes About Our Music

A big facet of Latinx culture is our music. Some of the funniest tweets involve nostalgic looks at some of our favorite jams and how we react to them. Who didn’t run to the dance floor in the ’90s during that quince, wedding, or other birthday party when Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” came on?!

Learning About Those Pivotal “Si Se Puede” Moments

Inspiration keeps us motivated and moving towards our goals. We often get this inspiration from the great work other Latinxs are doing. Tweets that share moments of Latinx excellence remind us to keep our eye on the prize while also filling us up with orgullo Latino.

Schooling Everyone on How Latinx is Not a Race

Twitter is a great way to instantly share knowledge with millions of people at once. This may be information that many are learning for the first time, and hope that these people share with their own network (and by using the hashtag #LatinoTwitter!). One of these things is the glaring fact that Latinxs exist in so many colors and races.

Dope Relationship Advice

Latino Twitter has those gems of relationship wisdom that totally feel like a trusted and loving tia is sharing mad truth. And we retweet or post to Instagram to share these facts with others. It reminds us that we are in one large community that benefits from our unity and care for each other.

Sharing Info on Our Latinx Candidates

Our vote is so incredibly important, especially in today’s political climate. When you throw in the fact that we are the largest “minority” in this country, then you realize just how much our votes count and the massive change they can produce. This is why Latino Twitter is a crucial tool for sharing information on candidates, issues, facts, voting, and more.

Calling Out Columbusing and Appropriation

Another thing that Latino Twitter is good for is calling out moments where our culture is appropriated and we are left out of the equation. Like calling conchas “brioche-like rolls.” Wtf?! It’s only when someone decides to speak up and highlight these moments that accountability and change can hopefully occur.

Career Inspiration

We all need moments of inspiration and bold reminders on why we are working so hard to follow our dreams. Tweets like these are the answer. Who doesn’t want to be reminded that we are here because of the sacrifices of our parents? And to thank them we should go for the gold in whatever our career field is? Let’s get what we and our families deserve.

Sharing Important Latinx Resources


Since information on all things Latinx is not considered mainstream, and therefore not as abundantly available, we have to share the Latinx resources we discover. Latino Twitter is perfect for this. Share info on those dope podcasts, shows, documentaries, books, Instagram accounts, and cool people whenever you can!

Appreciating Your Parents’ Sacrifices

It’s easy to get laser-focused on our own lives and what it is we are doing on a day-to-day basis. It’s great to get a reminder via Twitter (and anywhere else, for that matter) that we are able to do so much because of all our parents did (and continue to do) for us. Their sacrifices equal our successes.

Sharing Personal Views + Stories on Latinx Culture

Although as Latinxs, we share so much in common, it’s important to hear individual takes on things. We need to all share our opinions and experiences, to better inform others, and each other, on what it means to be Latinx (and what better way than on Twitter?). It is way more broad than our own understanding.

Getting a Dose of Latinx Nostalgia

Did we mention that we love hilarious Latinx memes and other posts? They speak to our shared experiences and give us a major dose of nostalgia, while simultaneously cracking us up. Latino Twitter is a place where you can find some great ones. Check them out and retweet them!

Learning About + Sharing Latinx Excellence

There is an endless history of Latinx achievements and accomplishments — but they’ve been suppressed. We weren’t taught them in school and they aren’t presented to us much as adults either. That’s why we have to take it upon ourselves to learn about the past, take note of what’s happening in the present, and share it all. This means Twitter, Instagram, blogs, word of mouth, and more.

Informing + Empowering Latinxs to Change the World

Knowledge is power. The more we know, the better equipped we are to see what’s going on and change what is wrong. Twitter is great for getting instant info and sharing it in a blink of an eye with others. Imagine if we used Latino Twitter to continue to share important stats, facts, causes, movements, and other crucial data!

Preserving + Sharing Our Latinx History

We have a history, and it’s important. Your history will speak to who you are, while also inspiring what you could be. Latinxs have a right to know about it all and Latino Twitter is an easy method to accomplishing this.

Reading Funny + True Things About Our Culinary Experience

Food is such an important part of any culture. We have so many memories tied to certain dishes, drinks, and even something as simple as an herb. Latino Twitter is a place where you can drool over gooey pupusas, write an ode to tacos, and remember those times you bought perejil instead of cilantro.


Anything we put on Twitter, or anywhere else, that involves Latinx culture makes us seen. It shares our truth, and reminds everyone else that we are here and part of the conversation. We have to amp up our participation in a greater Latino Twitter collective, so that all these individual declarations can be umbrella-ed under one cohesive front.

Education for Others, Especially the Ignorant

Facts and stats inform us and empower us. They’re what we use to educate ourselves and others on what being Latinx entails. They dismantle stereotypes and bring reality into the equation. This is why it’s crucial to share such information on social media platforms like Twitter.

Sharing Information on Important Issues Like Immigration

A particular instance in which Latino Twitter had the backs of Latinxs everywhere is when it shared important information on planned ICE raids. This information alerted undocumented immigrants, those who know and love them, and those who want to support them. This is the unity we need on Latinx Twitter and beyond.

Reading Important Things You Should Remind Yourself Of

Latino Twitter should be about uplifting each other. Part of this includes empowering us with life truths. One such truth is that we live our lives on our own timeline, not the one our culture pushes, our family pushes, or society does.

Knowing About Latinx Pop Culture Moments

We should know what’s the latest and greatest in Latinx TV, books, magazines, film, music, and more. This information can at times be hard to find. This is why we should create this content, find it, and share it all. How cool would it be to simply go on Twitter, type in #LatinoTwitter and find all this information waiting for you?

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