22 Reasons Why You Need to Be Following Latinx Twitter

We definitely have a presence on the social media platform but need to work on making Latino Twitter a real thing, and a true force to be reckoned with. To use it as a collective means to inform us on what’s happening in our communities; educate us on our history, culture, and current topics of importance; and incite much-needed change. This means tweeting about how we aren’t represented enough in so many different fields, sharing what you learn about all things Latinx, asking those crucial questions, calling out BS, and calling on other Latinxs to get on board with movements that matter. All while using the hashtag #LatinoTwitter.

To get the ball rolling, we wanted to share some of the tweets that do make Latino Twitter such a great tool, and showcase reasons why it is an important part of our modern-day toolbox for remaining visible, supported and respected.




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