5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn Spanish

Like many undergraduate students, I changed my area of study a few times during my college years

Photo: Unsplash/@jontyson

Photo: Unsplash/@jontyson

Like many undergraduate students, I changed my area of study a few times during my college years. By my third year in college, I determined I would major in Spanish. Learning about my culture and the history of Spanish going back to previous centuries, made me feel overjoyed, alive, and successful. 

Having had the opportunity to study Spanish in an academic environment has made me so much more appreciative of all that our language and cultures have to offer. I’m a huge advocate for making Spanish accessible to everyone. Here are five reasons you should definitely start taking Spanish lessons ASAP.

Reasons Everyone Should Learn Spanish

It creates more professional opportunities. More and more employers are rewarding bilingual potential employees. Many companies in the United States are rewarding Spanish skills and incorporating this into their employee recruitment efforts. Here you will find a list of careers that either require Spanish or for which Spanish is used.

wp_*postsSpanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States. Per the U.S. Census, Hispanics are the largest growing minority group. Due to the increase of the Hispanic population in the United States, it is projected that Spanish will become even more prevalent. In preparation for this projection, many parents are opting for bilingual schools and/or supplementing Spanish instruction after school through tutors and other means to make sure their children will be able to compete in the job market nationally and globally. 

It teaches you about Spanish and Latin-American Culture.  It was through studying Spanish, that I became so knowledgeable about my culture.  Certain phrases and proverbs, for example, teach you about traditions whose origins I never knew. Reading and analyzing Spanish literature was perhaps the finest way to acquire knowledge about Spanish tradition, culture, and folklore. Through literature, one can develop a comprehensive view of our ancestors’ philosophies, beliefs, and principles by which one can begin to outline a framework for understanding our past, our present and in some cases, our future. 


It is the official language in more than twenty countries.  

If you love traveling, chances are there is at least one Spanish-speaking country on your “places to visit” list. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your Spanish or better yet, become fluent. Although there is a standard Spanish, many Spanish-speaking countries have their unique vocabulary variation, pronunciation, riddles, proverbs, and customs about which you would learn in Spanish class! 

Don Quixote must be read in Spanish!

Okay, so this is totally me throwing in my personal opinion, but stay with me here. One of the most popular novels worldwide is Miguel de Cervantes’, Don Quixote. A novel that illustrates a Spanish culture that transcends across centuries. In my opinion, to truly appreciate the essence of one of the greatest novels of all time, one must read it in Spanish. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in a Spanish class or join a Spanish club today!

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