10 Reasons You Should Travel to Hawaii in 2018

When I first visited Hawaii back in 2007, I had a great time on the island of Oahu. My friend and I went to the beach plenty, exploring different beaches all across the island and in Honolulu, and even some cultural exploration such as Iolani Palace (the only palace on U.S. soil) and the Pearl Harbor memorial. But since then, I’ve discovered that there is so much more to the many islands of Hawaii than the gorgeous beaches… not that there’s anything wrong with gorgeous beaches, that is.

These days, Hawaii is growing like crazy. You’ve probably already tried some of the food, which is currently very trendy, but you might also be dreaming of going there ASAP — so perhaps a solo trip sometime this summer is in order? What you’ll really want to know, though, is that Hawaii is teeming with new and absolutely AH-mazing things to do in 2018. Ready to explore? Yes, we thought so. Here are 10 incredible (and new!) reasons you should visit at least one of the Hawaii islands this year. Start packing!

1. Visions of the Future is launching at the Honolulu Biennial Foundation. 

Recently, the Honolulu Biennial Foundation announced their launch of Visions of the Future, an Oahu-based art initiative. Their first pop-up exhibit will be the public debut of “Flooded,” a collaborative photography and multimedia exhibit featuring photography by Heami Lee, art direction by Allie Wist, food styling by C.C. Buckley and prop styling by Rebecca Bartoshesky. They’ve also got BIG plans for 2019… so stay tuned!




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