12 Reasons to Visit Portugal – The Most Underrated Country in Europe

Like a lot of folks, I have a bucket list of places around the world I want to visit before I die. Spain, Cuba, Thailand, Italy, France, and England have been very high up in my list. But for some reason, Portugal was never one of those countries I dreamed of traveling to. That was until I finally decided to make a trip there this summer with a group of girlfriends and let me tell you – Portugal is so underrated. Everything about this place is amazing from the breathtaking landscapes, the architecture, the food and wine culture (that’s insanely affordable), the people, and the music – oh Fado, how I love you so! Here are 12 reasons why you should book a flight to Portugal ASAP!

The beaches are amazing.


Johanna Ferreira

Because Portugal is on the coast of Europe, it legit has some of the best beaches in the continent. I stayed with a group of girlfriends in a southern region of Portugal called Torres Vedras. The town was gorgeous and the beaches were breathtaking. If you’re into surfing definitely check it out. Lisbon is known for it’s surfer paradise beaches.




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