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Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Carmen Baez Franceschi, Hip Latina

Recognizing World Autism Awareness Day From Expert Dr. Carmen Baez Franceschi

Dr. Carmen Baez Franceschi is the Founder & CEO of WIN – The Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment.  Originally established in Puerto Rico, WIN is a multidisciplinary clinic that serves children, adolescence and adults facing challenges with Neurodevelopment disorders.  Common conditions treated by Dr. Baez Franceschi include Autism, ADHD and a plethora of other related neurodevelopment disorders.To her patients, she is often just Carmen because every patient is a friend or treated like family.  Through her evolutionary Franceschi Method – a comprehensive evaluation, individualized treatment and neurostimulation, Dr. Baez Franceschi has often delivered results when parents or caregivers have lost hope.Dr. Baez Franceschi treats patients from all over the world in Puerto Rico and is expanding her operations to serve other markets.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, including her husband and two sons.