9 Memes Every Daddy’s Girl Can Totally Relate To

I am a grown woman and I still have no problem saying I’m a proud daddy’s girl

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I am a grown woman and I still have no problem saying I’m a proud daddy’s girl. I inherited his incessant curiosity, love of a good dance party, and thick-ass eyebrows (which have recently come in handy as everyone rushes to fill theirs in). He is, hands down, one of my favorite people to hang around. Us daddy’s girls know we’re a lucky bunch to have such awesome fathers. Here are nine memes every daddy’s girl can totally relate to.


Whether we were in ball gowns or little league uniforms, our dads showed us we should always be respected.


No matter what they’ve always kept us humble – even if it was with a sick sense of humor.


They’ve sacrificed so much more than sleep for us and for that, we will always be grateful.

Corny dad jokes were so embarrassing growing up, but now I think I’ve become my dad because this one here totally made me LOL.

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For the dads who always let us be who we wanted to be and loved us just the same.

And despite all our papis have sacrificed, they still light up when they’re given socks or a tie.

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We’ve known our dads have always got our back – sometimes too literally.

For the fathers who’ve been able to hold their daughters down through life’s ups and downs, y’all are the real MVPs.

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I know I’ve got the best dad in the word, even if it’s by default.

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