10 Things You Only Understand if You Were Raised in Texas

Having grown up in Texas I’ve come to see that there are many things you only understand if you’re from our great state

Photo: Unsplash/@glencarrie

Photo: Unsplash/@glencarrie

Having grown up in Texas I’ve come to see that there are many things you only understand if you’re from our great state. The saying, “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” is definitely true as we tend to go big or go home. This Texas gal is not only a proud Latina but proud to hail from Texas. Below are a 10 things all Texans can definitely relate to.


Friday Night Lights

When the fall season hits its nothing but football folks! The film “Friday Night Lights” that depicted the town of Odessa, Texas and its high school football team showed an accurate description of what a Friday night outing looks like in Texas. You’re either cheering your kids on at a high school football game, or at a high school football game cheering your friend’s kids on, or just cheering on your old alma mater. It’s what we do on a Friday night!


Your either a Cowboy’s fan or a Texans fan but not both!

If you’re from around these parts you know that are two Texas teams. There’s America’s team the Dallas Cowboys, and there’s the Houston Texans. Depends on what part of Texas you’re from, but most have a definite favorite and a love/hate relationship for the other. Don’t even think about saying you love both or at least admit that in public. Which one is my favorite? Let’s just say the star that shines brightly is my team.


A Texas road trip seems endless but so beautiful.

Photo: Unsplash/@glencarrie

It’s no secret taking a road trip through Texas seems like an eternity. Just when you think you’re almost there, nope, your just in let’s say El Paso, TX. The longest ride through any state, but also one of the most historic and scenic routes as you come across things like the Cadillac Ranch, full of old Cadillac’s buried in the ground, and Marfa Lights, unexplained mystery lights that randomly shoot through the sky. These and other random oddities await you on a Texas road trip.  



There’s no place that cooks up good ole’ fashion BBQ like Texas. I mean brisket that melts in your mouth, chicken that falls off the bone, sausage that is spiced just right. Cooked in pits all night, thrown on the grill for a party, or taken to the Sunday football tailgate party to serve up to your friends. Everyone claims to have the best Texas BBQ, and well if there’s a line down the street, then you’re probably at the best BBQ joint in town. You can’t go wrong with BBQ from here, but don’t try to say it’s not a Texas thing.


Floating the River

That’s right folk, floating the river. You grab your tube, throw it in the Guadalupe River, call your friends, get some drinks, and jump in. Get ready to float down the river with your party tunes on, and the most beautiful landscapes as your backdrop. Why is that fun? It just is, and if you grew up in Texas chances are you grew up floating down the Guadalupe or Comal rivers most summers with your friends.


The biggest flower arrangement you will ever see worn for the traditional homecoming games in high school. They come in all shapes and sizes and the bigger the better. An outrageous display of spirit and pride in your school. If you went to high school in Texas, chances are you wore a mum made up of chrysanthemum flowers, ribbons, stuffed animals, letters, glitter, and even lights. They’ve evolved over the years, and some are way over the top. Prices can go as high as $500 for one. I know—outrageous!! But it’s tradition in these here parts.


The Houston Rodeo


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ is a rite of passage. Folks take a vacation to attend the greatest rodeo of all time and work their whole year around it. There you’ll find “The World Championship BBQ Contest” and a stellar line-up of entertainment. Most entertainers consider it a privilege to play Rodeo Houston. Then there is the Carnival, and the scrumptious food–funnel cake, anyone?




Just like any other state, Texas is full of its own unique sayings and accents according to some. Probably, the most famous line you will hear uttered is “Y’all” which stands for “you all.” “How Y’all doing?” “Y’all come back now!”  The list goes on and on. A southern term of endearment–I have to admit using all the time.


Texas Weather

The phrase, “Just wait five minutes and the weather will change,” doesn’t get more honest than in Texas. Literally, one of the states that can’t make up its mind if it’s going to be sunny, rainy, hot, cold, and sometimes all the seasons in one day. When the weatherman says there’s a cold front coming and the high is going to be 83 degrees, that’s big. Anything beats 100 plus degrees.  

wp_*postsThe Hill Country


No, I’m not talking about the “Hills of California” or the song by Julie Andrews, ‘The Hills are Alive.” I’m talking about the most picturesque and beautiful landscapes you’ve seen in the most charming towns known as The Hill Country. Bandera, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Gruene Historic District in New Braunfels, TX, among others. It’s like stepping back in time to a vintage town full of quaint little shops and historic landmarks. A must for anyone traveling through Texas.

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