8 Remedies Our Abuelas Swear By That Actually Work

As I’ve gotten older, I have had to face the annoying process of elimination to see what works best when I’m sick, when I’m in pain, or for beauty care. Currently, I have a basket of products, worth hundreds of dollars, labeled “fail.” I have believed commercials, Amazon reviews, and beauty magazines and while some made the cut as my go-to remedies, more often than not a lot of them did not work for me. So, as I battled with myself on which medicines to trust, a few have never let me down. It turns out our abuelas’ crazy healing theories and odd choices of medicines may actually work. Below is a list of some of the most common home remedies our abuelitas swear by:  

Agua de Azahar (Orange Blossom Water)

agua de azahar

Agua de Azahar is the distillation of the bitter-orange blossoms for their essential and natural oils. While the fruit tree itself is native to Asia, the use of the blossoms has traveled across continents. Agua de Azahar has a variety of properties that are beneficial to our health. One of its most natural properties is that it is a sedative of the nervous system and it is an antispasmodic, which naturally relaxes muscles spasms and heart palpitations. In fact, orange blossom water is widely used in aromatherapy because of the soothing effect it has on nerves and muscles. You can also drink it as water or tea and because of its natural properties to relief stress and tension, it is a great remedy for those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

To use:

  • Six flowers per cup
  • Boil water
  • Once water is boiling, add the flowers
  • Let sit in hot water for about 10 minutes
  • Filter out the flowers
  • Drink water




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