Rita Moreno Got the Most Heartfelt Standing Ovation at the SAG Awards and She Deserved It

Rita Moreno deservers every announce of love

Photo: Wikimedia/John Ferguson

Photo: Wikimedia/John Ferguson

Rita Moreno deservers every announce of love. The legendary Latina entertainer received an arousing moment of sweet love last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards when she got a standing ovation. Rita wasn’t there to accept an award — although she should have for her role in the remake “One Day At A Time.” The actress was there to present the Life Achievement award to her former co-star Morgan Freeman. The two actors were both featured on the show “Electric Company” 50 years ago.

When Rita came out, everyone in the room got on their feet. It was quite a magical moment and you could tell the actress was overcome with joy and was very much surprised by the praise.

At 86 years-old, Rita — who’s won every award you can think of, including being the first Latina to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in West Side Story.

When the singer and dancer took to the stage and saw everyone on their feet, she visibly got emotional and was on the verge of tears.

“Oh my God!” she said.

According to E! News the standing ovation lasted more than 20 seconds, and when it comes to award ceremonies 20 seconds is a lot.

“Oh, my God! That’s a lot of love, but I can handle it,” she said filled with emotion. “Oh! You’ve just damn near killed me! It was, oh, I can’t get over it!”

She could barely get her words for Morgan Freeman out because she was so overtaken. It was just incredible! She also had said that she received that same acknowledgement five years and it’s so amazing to see the love still there, more so because Latinos are so underrepresented in Hollywood.

People on social media loved the moment too.



We hope this moment will make Hollywood recognize how much Rita means to the world and how we need more people like her on the big screen.

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