Rosario Dawson Tells Congress in New Ad: “Choose the Right Side of History, Pass the Dream Act”

Are DREAMers finally getting the support they have so desperately needed for years? In the latest show of support, Rosario Dawson is standing up to congress and urging them to pass the Dream Act NOW—before the year’s end. The actor’s voice is featured in a new ad released by the ACLU of Southern California. In

DACA Hits the Supreme Court on Tuesday to Determine its Fate

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The actor’s voice is featured in a new ad released by the ACLU of Southern California. In the powerful ad, a mother is driving with her kids when ICE agents stop her car. Just as the countdown for congress to pass the Dream Act approaches, the ad features a ticking clock over frightening images of the woman being taken away by police as her kids cry and scream in the car. It’s a heartbreaking scene, over which the co-founder of Voto Latino does a voice over, saying:

“Through their inaction these California representatives are saying that they support permanently ripping parents away from children. Their inaction is senseless, heartless, and only explained by racist ideologies that have no place in California.  Time is running out.  History will judge where these representatives stand. Will they stand with the interests of their constituents and communities or will they stand on the side of hate, bigotry and family separation?  The fate of hundreds of thousands of families, like those represented in our ads, rests in their hands.”

There is no better time to support DREAMers as this historic legislation is badly needed after President Trump overturned Obama-era protections for the almost one million recipients of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals act. In fact, stars like Ellen Degeneres have supported it, an actor from Marvel’s Black Panther recently revealed he’s a DREAMer, and Dolores Huerta spoke out in support of DACA.

As part of the new campaign, #CAismyHome, the ACLU will be taking part in a national day of action on Wednesday to demand that congress pass the Dream Act. As Rosario Dawson concludes in the ad, now is the time for congress to: “Choose the right side of history, stand with the DREAMers, pass the Dream Act now.”

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