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Rosario Dawson Talks Social Media Pressures For Children and Be Strict With Cell Phone Use

Rosario Dawson is probably the coolest mom on the face of the planet, right? Not only has she played Claire Temple in Marvel Comics’ “Luke Cage”  but she’s also the voice of Wonder Woman. So it was pretty remarkable to hear how she handles the trials and tribulations of raising her teenage daughter not only in the spotlight but under today’s social media pressures.

On Saturday at the Tribeca TV Festival, Dawson was interviewed by Laverne Cox, and the two got in deep when it came to being a mom and how to raise a daughter under all this negativity that’s online. She also said that her 15-year-old daughter isn’t allowed to have a cell phone, the New York Post reported.


“I think it’s really critically important as the adult in these kids’ lives to make sure they’re not going down dark alleys without some kind of information and help…and to get likes according to little posts you’ve made and then thinking that that’s what your value is can be quite dangerous,” Dawson said. “I think this is a critical time for kids to be developing themselves.”

Dawson hasn’t spoken much about what it’s been like raising her daughter these past couple of years since it was first announced that she had adopted a 13-year-old girl. But it’s really wonderful to hear talk about parenting and the pressures that teens face today.

“Now these kids are wanting to get plastic surgeries so they can look like what they look like when they have a filter on,” Dawson said, according to The Post. “They’re getting body dysmorphia looking at their own image that’s been doctored, and then when they look in the mirror, they’re horrified by a freckle or a pimple.”

Whatever her rules are at home and in her life, it’s clearly working.