Photo: Unsplash/@proriat_hospitality

Rosé Cocktails That You Will Want to Drink ALL Summer Long

I love a good glass of red wine (or two), but the moment the weather starts to get warmer I find myself looking for cooler, more refreshing alternatives: enter rosé. On its own the wine is crisp, light, and delicious, but these six cocktail recipes prove there are no limits to the ways you can enjoy rosé. Drink up – responsibly, of course!


A margarita – rosé combo? Um, where has this MOSÉ been all our lives? Recipe here.

Rosé Spritzer

To keep this knockout drink cold longer, the crew at Design Love Fest froze the raspberries ahead of time. Consider making that adjustment with other fruit for cocktails in the future. Recipe here.

Ginger & Jasmine Rosé Cocktail

This cocktail packs a lot of flavor – sipping just one, might be impossible. Recipe here.

Watermelon Rosé Margarita

Okay, so now that we know a rosé margarita is a real thing, we want to try EVERY. SINGLE. VERSION. Recipe here.

Frozen Rosé Grapefruit Cocktail

With rosé you also have a fizzy option, if you’re about that bubbly life – I mean who isn’t? Opt for a brut rosé and make this your next brunch cocktail of choice. Recipe here.

 Rosé, Bourbon, and Blue

On first thought, rosé and bourbon sound like the last spirits I’d ever consider mixing, but the reviews on this drink seem to be fairly positive. If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a go. Recipe here.