11 Precautions I Had to Take as a Woman Traveling Solo That a Man Would Never Have To Do

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It wasn’t until I got back from my 18-day cross-country road trip and told my guy friends about it, that I realized I had to take slightly paranoid safety precautions that a man would never have to consider. After hearing that I didn’t just have to get an atlas but also mace, they also realized how privileged they’d been when they traveled solo. I had to read all kinds of articles, ask fellow lady solo travelers for advice and even took some of my worried parents advice to feel prepared. Not only was I going to be a woman traveling solo but I felt like I would be a target seeing as I was going to be shooting photography with my DSLR. So here are some tips on what I did to feel safe on my trip.

Tip #1: Never tell ANYONE you are traveling alone

And, I mean no one. Even if it feels safe to tell a fellow lady and her adorable family of four because you just never know. When I was taking photos of Mount Rushmore, I was in a sea of tourists and was tempted to tell the family from New Mexico to take a photo of me because I was traveling solo. But I didn’t. Instead, I just asked them to take a photo of me. They didn’t need to know why. And, they did so, very happily.

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