The Sagittarius November 26 New Moon Is All About Taking Risks

Rise sister, rise

Photo: Unsplash/@felipesimo

Photo: Unsplash/@felipesimo

Rise sister, rise. On November 26th we welcome the opportunity to write a new chapter in life. The new moon in Sagittarius is a reminder that you are allowed to start over at any given moment. A new moon is when the moon is conjunct with the sun. This placement creates a fresh start not only for the luna but for you as well, regardless of the zodiac sign it lands in. Curious to know how to effectively write affirmations and intentions for yourself? Take note of where exactly you have Sagittarius sitting in your personal astrological birth chart (also known as a natal chart). Everyone carries Sagittarius in their birth chart. Understanding what house it is taking up space in will help you personally understand how you can work with this new moon and appreciate that the energy isn’t happening to you, rather for you. Don’t know your chart? Get that information for free at

Once you get a hold of this info, you can understand whether this new moon will specifically influence changes in your home life, finances, spirituality, etc. Aside from that, everyone will experience a direct connection with this Sagittarius new moon regardless of your personal birth chart. Unlike full moons, a time when we come to a culmination, with new moons, we are given a blank notepad to write out a new direction in life.

This Sagittarius new moon is the polar opposite of the energy we’ve been dramatically experiencing during the watery Scorpio season. Sagittarius is a fire sign and mutable energy. Your enthusiasm and optimism will be through the roof with this new moon on November 26th. This is a new moon that will enhance your spiritual outlook on life. It will task you with analyzing what gives your life meaning? It’s back to focus with this fire energy as you’ll experience tremendous amounts of ambition. With that said, in comes Sagittarius’ philosophical nature encouraging you to break down barriers of restriction. You might ask yourself, “What’s limiting me from reaching my fullest potential?” or “What current behaviors are holding me back from true inner joy?”

Sagittarius new moon is all about embracing the tower moments in life that have been long overdue. Issues that you’ve been tucking under the rug saying, “I’ll get to that later.” This is an optimal new moon to seek out risks that will surely result in rewards. However, practicing an intuitive gut check with all major decisions is highly encouraged. This new moon is playing with fire (pun intended) because Mars and Uranus are opposite one another in the sky during this time. Mars is king of conflict and Uranus is the bringer of all things revolution. Add these two energies into the mix and you might find yourself creating self-induced chaos. Embrace the encouragement of this new moon to apply notable change in your life, but be cautious of destructive tendencies that can arise. This is a delicate new moon that carries a fine line between productivity and negative retribution. If you find yourself slashing through the sugar cane fields of your life, take time to pause. Reflection is key to this new moon. Go within and practice how you feel with your inner compass before you make drastic changes. If it feels right, then it’s right.

Consider the fact that Sagittarius is a mutable energy. The mutable characteristics of this sign will allow you to create flexibility as you go along your new goals. Think of the term mutable as a chain link. This new moon is offering you a chain link to get from point A to point B.

This is an incredible new moon to journal about. Think about where can you release lack of mentality in your life? Where will you embrace an abundance mentality? Journaling is a great way to interact with this Sagittarius new moon as you’ll be channeling from your intuition, considering the spiritual nature of this sign.

Ready to take on this energy in a practical and productive manner? Creating a playlist around feel-good anthems that encourage you to be courageous is a productive way of performing a simple new moon ritual. As you journal your list detailing how and where you want to take a risk in your life, you’ll want to feed your soul with music that is upbeat and enthusiastic. Reminder, the risk isn’t always negative. There can be this negative connotation around the word risk. When we take a risk, we allow ourselves to experience opportunities that we might have allowed fear to hold us back from. Risk is about expansion. Risk-taking is the ability to step into your power and practice a healthy ego. As women and people of color, we’ve been conditioned to fear risk. Fearing to expand and grow through facing fear and tackling risk head-on is an oppressive thought. This is an example of confronting lack mentality. Don’t worry, it takes constant work to pinpoint lack mentality and work through it. Be easy on yourself during this process with the new moon in Sagittarius.

Additionally, this is a wonderful new moon to incorporate solar plexus work (the chakra that rules self-worth, power, and ego). Sometimes, fear can restrain one from living their fullest potential and owning their power. Where there is no risk, there is no reward. Rise sister, rise. This is your dream.

May you manifest wisely.

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