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Salma Hayek Says Male Actors Should Take Pay Cut

During a panel at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Sunday, Salma Hayek said the best way women in Hollywood can increase their fees is if male actors take a pay cut.

Time’s up. You had a good run, but it is time now to be generous with the actresses,” Salma said at the Women in Motion talk panel, according to the Guardian.

“If actors ask such inflated fees it will leave nothing for actresses. If the movie’s budget is $10m, the [male] actor has to understand that if he is making $9.7m, it is going to be hard for equality,” Salma said, adding that: “Otherwise they will kill the movie.”


She noted the fact that even mentioning a pay cut for men is a taboo subject and speaking about it could hurt her in Hollywood.

“I will be hated for saying this, […] I hope I can get another job,” Salma said jokingly.

We highly doubt Salma will be barred from Hollywood, especially now with so many women on the forefront of the #MeToo #TimesUp movement, and she’s been on the front lines of that discussion. Late last year, Salma opened up about her own confrontation with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. She discussed that at the panel as well.

“He only responded to two women, two women of color,” Salma said, according to Variety. “It was a strategy by the lawyers, because we are the easiest to get discredited. It is a well-known fact, if you are a woman of color, people believe what you say less. So he went attacking the two women of color, in hopes that if he could discredit us, he could then maybe discredit the rest.”

Salma went on to say that other men in Hollywood are all feeling the heat of the Times Up movement because they know they have something to be ashamed of.

The men are terrified,” Salma said, according to Variety. “The predators are hiding and terrified. You feel it. It’s a very palpable atmosphere.”