6 Foods You Never Expected You Could Pair With Champagne

Our favorite New Year’s Eve date is more than just a one night stand. Champagne can be enjoyed any time of the year with all kinds of foods. Many people may immediately think to pair champagne with something sweet (like strawberries) but I am here to show you a whole new world of bubbly delight; champagne also goes great with savory and salty treats. 

Before we start, let me break down the difference between champagne and sparkling wine. In short, champagne is from the Champagne region in France, Prosecco is from Italy, and Cava is from Spain. There are also several different types of champagne. All are bubbly and delicious with their own unique twists.

Now, back to the fun stuff. Below are six superb savory champagne pairings you’ve got to try.

cheese and champagne pairingCheese. This one’s easy. Who doesn’t love cheese when sipping on some libations? My favorite kind of cheese to pair with champagne is a blue cheese. Something about the sharpness of the blue cheese and the bubbly mineral taste of the champagne makes my senses sing. Don’t like blue cheese? Try a sharp cheddar or brie.




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