5 Items You Must Pack if Traveling to Seattle in the Spring

In Seattle, flannel is not a fashion statement, it is a necessity

Photo: Unsplash/@lucamicheli

Photo: Unsplash/@lucamicheli

In Seattle, flannel is not a fashion statement, it is a necessity. Wardrobe decisions revolve around comfort, practicality, and staying dry. You have to layer up in order to keep the wet chill from the Puget Sound from your bones. Seattle style is casual and at times sporty, as many in this city live active lifestyles. People in Seattle are always prepared for the rain, hardly ever use umbrellas, and rarely seemed bothered as the spring showers come and go. It is all just a part of the way of life in The Emerald City.

For my first trip to Seattle this past April I wanted to make sure that I packed enough clothes that I could layer with, while also keeping my suitcase light. I packed all the basics and while still leaving enough room in my suitcase to accommodate the things I would buy while traveling.

If you’re traveling to Seattle in the spring, here’s what you need:

  1. Footwear. Bring at least two pairs of shoes that are good in the rain, you will need to alternate them every other day to let them fully dry out between uses.
  2. Jacket. A good raincoat with a hood. The raincoat I brought with me was fleeced lined which was a nice added protection from the rain.
  3. Layers. Flannels, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, sweaters. Anything that will keep you warm and cozy. Especially at night.
  4. A Hat. Or at least a hood. My raincoat had a nice hood on it, which I used almost daily, but there were times where a hat would have been better at keeping me warm.
  5. A pop of color. Brighten up the grey around you with a bright scarf, hat or other accessory. It adds a nice touch when the rain starts to fall.

Some other items that you may want to consider bringing are: a waterproof bag, extra socks, a water bottle that secures well, and a good pair of jeans.

One of the great things about Seattle are the consignment shops. I bought a beautiful, cozy sweater from an upscale designer consignment shop, in the neighborhood of Belltown, called Sell Your Sole Consignment. Seattle is also great place to buy boots. I picked up a great pair of ankle booties from a funky consignment shop called Buffalo Exchange in the neighborhood of Ballard.

I really loved the style in Seattle: comfort, practicality, and smart design embody the attitude in Seattle and makes for a great wardrobe. There is nothing like a cozy sweater, a sharp pair of durable boots, and a cute hat to make anyone feel like they are on top of their fashion game! And if you’re looking for the perfect itinerary for a four-day getaway in Seattle, we’ve got you covered!

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