Sofi Guerra Photography
Photo: Sofi Guerra Photography via Facebook/SuzetteQOfficial/

Texas Photographer Transforms 15-Day-Old Baby Into Selena Quintanilla

Right when we think we’ve seen every sort of baby picture, we were floored to see what could be the cutest baby photoshoot ever. Photographer Sofi Guerra posted this picture of her recent session in which she transformed this baby into Selena Quintnilla!

The baby is named Natalia and she was only 15 days old when this picture was taken! So amazing! This is the caption that Guerra included with the picture.

“Be true…who sang “Bidi bidi bom bom” in their head when they saw this? ?  I haven’t posted a baby photo in a while. Hopefully some missed me lol. I had a little break from photos and it never hurts to have a little me time. On another note, literally, I wanted a photo added like this to my collection for a while. There will be other featured singers I adore added to my galleries. What a better way for me to honorSelena! Selena was an icon in the Tejano music industry and was getting ready to cross over into the English world of music when it was all tragically taken away. Her music fills my iTunes playlists and always will. She had a dream and pursued it. I have a dream and pursing mine in a different way. I made the hat and hand glued over 200 Swarovski crystal beads on the brim. I had the microphone and flower custom made to go along with this set. Please, nobody get upset because I didn’t have this in my collection sooner. Natalia’s mom happens to be a BIG fan of Selena and I felt like it was the right thing to do to add this to Natalia’s session.”

Guerra tagged Selena’s sister, Suzette, and she actually saw it!

Needless to say, Guerra’s business line is ringing off the hook.

“Something just told me this was going to be different, something told me a lot of people are going to like this picture,” Guerra, told My San Antonio. “I wanted to cry, I kind of got chills, because it reminded me of how special Selena meant to a lot of people.”

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