7 Reasons Why Selena Gomez’s New Music Video For “Fetish” Is Completely Stunning

Right around midnight, Selena Gomez dropped her new music video — titled “Fetish” — just as she promised she’d do. After weeks of major teases, we were ready to see the real thing. But first let me start off by saying that we’ve been waiting to see this video for one important reason. The mastermind behind this video is Petra Collins. Saying she’s a visionary is a serious understatement. Aside from being a photographer, director, and stylist, Collins is amazing at getting subjects to go there. And by go there we mean: get completely sensual.

Collins has a knack for recreating the ’70s, but in the coolest, most modern way possible. This is what we anticipated in Selena’s new video, especially after we saw the teases. While Selena’s previous video, “Bad Liar,” also had a retro vibe, we knew that Collin’s influence on “Fetish” would be completely different.

We knew it’d be subtle, highly sexual but in a minimal sense — which clearly means “less is more.” But we had no idea it’d be this minimal. We were sort of thrown for a loop. And let me visually explain why.




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