Photo: Unsplash/@laurachouette

Selena Gomez Announces Makeup Line, Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez joins the ranks of celebs including Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian West with the upcoming launch of her makeup line, Rare Beauty. Earlier this week she announced the makeup line on Instagram with a teaser video showing her testing the line though no specific products have been announced. It appears the line will include lipsticks/lipgloss, eye products, highlighters and blush and we’re hoping the pigmentation works for a multitude of skin colors.

“Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself,” she says. “I think Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves and to start embracing our own uniqueness.” The line name coincides with her latest single and album carrying a similar message of embracing your unique qualities.

“It’s not just a brand. It’s going to be a lifestyle,” she told her 167 million followers on Instagram.”I wanted to make a brand where you feel comfortable. You know, I think people feel the pressure — I know I do — where you kind of feel like you need to look like everyone else or you should get this because that’s what everybody else gets,” she said.

The website hasn’t officially launched but on the Rare Beauty homepage it states the line will be exclusively available this summer at Sephora stores and online as well as through their website. “We are thrilled to debut Rare Beauty at Sephora,” Artemis Patrick, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Sephora, said in a statement according to WWD. “At Sephora, our goal is to build an inclusive community where all feel seen, understood and welcome, a value that clearly aligns with Rare Beauty’s mission.”

From the descriptions it sounds like the line has a mission to help women amplify their natural beauty versus masking it. Without any products it’s hard to tell if they match the goals of the line but we’ll be on the lookout this summer along with the more than 1 million fans already following Rare Beauty’s Instagram account.