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Selena Wears Selena! Here’s Where You Can Buy A T-Shirt Just Like It

We know Selena Gomez loves Selena Quintanilla. How could she not, considering her name is an homage to the late Tejano singer. So, while it’s no surprise that we see Selena love coming from the young singer, it was such a cute thrill to see her sporting a vintage Selena t-shirt.

Celebrities love to wear Selena Quintanilla tees! We’ve seen Drake and Kylie Jenner pay tribute to the singer via fashion, so it’s very cool to see Selena Gomez share the love as well.

In 2016, Selena Gomez talked about how much her parents loved Selena Quintanilla, and what it was like to meet her family.

My dad and mom were huge fans. My name was going to be Priscilla, but my cousin actually took the name when she was born six months before me. They actually loved [Selena’s] music, so they just named me after her,” Selena Gomez said on a radio interview with  Sacramento’s NOW 100.5. “I grew up and I went to her grave,” Selena Gomez says about the Mexican-American superstar. “I got to go to her house. It was really crazy. And then when I started working, I remember I got to meet her family and I just got super emotional ’cause it’s so crazy to see how far everything … I don’t know where she’d be right now. It’s nuts.”

Now back to this coveted t-shirt that she wore this week. Many are wondering where they can get that exact shirt. We’ve done some major digging on the internet, and there’s so many different styles that bear Selena’s face or her name on t-shirts. There’s so many varieties. So while we couldn’t find that exact one, we found several just like it.

Take a look and let us know which one is your favorite!

Urban Outfitters for $28.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Poshmark for $29.

Photo: Poshmark

Hot Topic for $22.90.


Photo: Hot Topic

Forever 21 for $15.90.

Photo: Forever 21

Bonanza $19.90

Photo: Bonanza