Selena Quintanilla
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Google Celebrates Selena Quintanilla Today With Spectacular Doodle

Selena Quintanilla is today’s Google Doodle! Yes, we were pretty surprised by this massive unveiling – that literally happened at midnight. But why today? It’s not her birthday, and it’s not the anniversary of her death.

Today, 28 years ago, is the day that she released her first studio album release, the self titled Selena in 1989But why did it take so long for Google to release a Selena Doodle? Apparently we have to thank Perla Campos, the Global Marketing Lead for Google Doodles because she wanted to get it just right.

“I grew up as the daughter of a Mexican immigrant single mom living in a small (primarily white) town outside of Fort Worth, Texas,” Campos told Billboard. “There were always two women who taught me I could do anything and be anything I set my mind to: my mom and Selena. Selena has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”

Campos says that it took two years to get this project done properly.

“I took my new team lead aside and said, ‘look, I’m really passionate about this and know we could make something really amazing. Can we delay and can you give me some time to make this great?'” Campos said to Billboard.

So they hired Kevin Laughlin to do the illustration and presto!

The story itself is so remarkable and it’s all about how Selena went from a singing little kid to the superstar we remember her by today.

Selena’s sister, Suzette, posted on Facebook today: “Watching this makes me smile and feel happy. Just wanted to thank all the beautiful people at Google who worked really hard over the last few months. This Google video Doodle comes on the Anniversary of our debut album that was released on Oct 17, 1989 with Capital EMI titled ‘Selena.’ This Google will be shown in 15 counties for the next 24 hours only. So if you get a chance go to www.google.com and check it out. Besos friends ?”

Here it is below, enjoy!