Selena Gomez Meets Little Girl Suffering From Kidney Disease

Selena Gomez has been through a lot this year

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Cosmopolitan UK

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Cosmopolitan UK

Selena Gomez has been through a lot this year. From breakups and kidney surgery, the singer and actress  has definitely had some lows. But yesterday, Selena experienced a new kind of high at the WE Day charity event in Los Angeles. The international organization, which helps by “empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic, sustainable international development model,” had a slew of celebs meet with fans and talk about really inspiring things that they’ve encountered in their lives.

Selena met Nellie Mainor, a little girl and fan of Selena’s, who has faced her own health issues. E! reports that Nellie suffers from rare kidney disease.

“Last year I had a kidney transplant and it was weird,” Selena said to the crowd, according to E! “It was weird but hard.” Selena then brought our Nellie to the stage. “Do you know how much I’ve admired you these past couple of days?” Selena said to Nellie and then gave her a hug. “Hold my hand. I’m needy!”

The two also took cute pictures together.

“This is my sixth year doing this incredible show. They have such a force of young people that are doing so much for their communities and the world. This is Nellie. She’s fearless and is wanting to spread awareness about kidney diseases,” Selena said on her Instagram post.

Selena went on to say: “When I was sick, a very good friend of mine knew the perfect way to make me smile, and I was very lucky. And now I want you to know that everybody in this auditorium is your friend,” Selena said to Nellie, according to Teen Vogue.   “Show how much we support [Nellie] and her campaign to raise awareness for kidney disease.”  Selena then asked Nellie “Are we best friends now? Promise?”

On the red-carpet, Selena wrote this inspiring message:  “I believe I can leave no one behind. We are THE change! Choose to see the goodness of the land of the living.”

So amazing!

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