Selena Quintanilla’s Family to Launch Makeup Line “Selena Vive” In Her Honor

If you weren’t able to secure products from the MAC Cosmetics Selena collection — it sold out pretty quickly — you may have another shot

Selena Quintanilla

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If you weren’t able to secure products from the MAC Cosmetics Selena collection — it sold out pretty quickly — you may have another shot. The Blast is reporting that Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., has filed to obtain the trademark rights to the name “Selena Vive” for the intention to produce a cosmetics collection.

The publication acquired the trademark documents and report that the collection will feature “perfumes, compacts, eye makeup, lipstick, foundations, and nail polish.” The Quintanilla family has neither denied or confirmed this news, but we’re leaning on the side that it is true, and here’s why.

While Selena’s music, name, or brand, has never dwindled far from people’s minds, there has been a definite Selena resurgence in the past five years. One of the reasons for that — aside from the celebrity love — is all the hype that came from the MAC Cosmetics Selena collection released in 2016. The Selena x MAC collection, which consisted of a compact, lipsticks, blush, and eyeshadow sold for $259. However, people were quickly selling it on eBay for $3,000! Clearly, the Quintanillas know full well that there’s money to be made in the cosmetics industry — and the Kardashians can attest to that.

This impending cosmetics collection is just the latest Selena product that the Quintanilla family will produce. They are also currently working on two television deals and prepping for the annual Fiesta de la Flor music festival. But with so much Selena-branded products, people on social media can’t help but be irked by the exploitation of Selena’s name and music.

Rosie Gdge ‏tweeted, “Do they have a foundation set up in her name to give back to the people who loved her and continue to love her? Making a profit in her name after 20 plus years after her death seems …..uhhh?” Nelly Montiel said on Facebook “It’s A Shame Chris can’t tell his side, Selena would want him to…But her Greedy ass Dad is a Vulture!!”

That last comment about Chris Perez refers to a book deal that was terminated by Quintanilla in court last year. The Quintanilla family said Perez wasn’t allowed to use Selena’s name, music, or image in any way without their approval. That lawsuit is still being appealed in court.

Will you be interested in purchasing this new Selena cosmetic line? Let us know in the comment section below.

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