10 Items from Latinx and Black-Owned Brands For Better Sex

If you're looking forward to some sexy time this Valentine's Day, it's time to get yourself some tools to make it a night to remember


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If you’re looking forward to some sexy time this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get yourself some tools to make it a night to remember. Whether you choose to set the mood with some sensual candles and back rubs or try something new with some whips and restraints, Latinx and Black-owned brands are here for you and your partner. So, in the interest of improving your sex life, we have rounded up 10 items you can 100 percent use this Valentine’s Day. Sure you can spend money on chocolates and dinner, or you can spend it on things that will help your relationship and allow you and your partner grow closer. Read on to discover 10 items that’ll improve your sex life from Latinx and Black-owned brands.


Burn Trio – Maude

Image: getmaude.com

We’ve all enjoyed the sweet scents of candles and the fact that they help set a warm vibe doesn’t hurt. But what about using the oil from the candle for a sensual massage? The Burn Trio is made with jojoba and soybean oils so once it’s melted and extinguished, it can be poured onto your partner. The light and silky texture will quickly moisturize and absorb into the skin. With scents like lemon grass and cedar wood it’s sure to relax the both of you and heat things up (literally).

Burn Trio, $54, available at getmaude.com


A Sex Journal for Couples – Bloomi

Image: thebloomi.com

We aren’t going to ignore the need for communication when intimacy is the topic. Connecting with your partner on another level can do wonders for your relationship AND sex life. The Bloomi Sex Journal is practical and discreet and an amazing tool for exploring sex and communication. Keep track of what you and your partner enjoyed and use it a reference whenever you need it.

A Sex Journal for Couples, $26, available at thebloomi.com


Luna Beads – Ardentley

Image: ardentley.com

If you’re looking for longer, stronger, and more attainable orgasms then look no further than these Luna Beads from Ardentley. Each set includes two 28g and two 37g beads which can be combined in a silicone harness. They also help reduced the risk of incontinence and improve other pelvic floor disorders make sex more enjoyable.

Luna Beads, $80, available at ardentley.com


Moisturizing Water-Based Lubricant – The Honey Pot

Image: thehoneypot.co

If you’re feeling dry and want a moisturizer that’s more natural, the Honey Pot’s Moisturizing Water-Based Lubricant is it. It’s organic and gentle so it won’t irritate the delicate skin and it features a pH-balanced formula for vaginal wellness. It can be used with condoms and sex toys so you can take care of yourself without having to miss out on sex.

Moisturizing Water-Based Lubricant, $13.99, available at thehoneypot.co


Hot and Cold Vulva Personal Pads – Private Packs

Image: private packs.com

You shouldn’t ignore the need for a vulva pad, especially when it comes to soothing soreness which is normal but never really taken care of. The wearable hot-and-cold pads from Private Packs  provide instant vulva relief from inflammation or discomfort because they’re made with natural beech tree pulp and are super soft. They are also reusable so you can wash and wear them over and over.

Hot and Cold Vulva Personal Pads, $39.99, available at privatepacks.com


Love Incense – House of Intuition

Image: houseofintuitionla.com

Incense provides a strong aroma that will immediately set the tone and if you’re worried about an open flame this provides a sweet scent without having to burn a candle.  There are 20 to a pack and they last a while so it’s perfect for date nights to help set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Love Incense, $4, available at houseofintuitionla.com


Valentina Teddy – Femmsualidad

Image: femmesualidad.com

You know when you find a Latinx boutique and you’re like, this place gets me? That’s Femmesualidad. All of their lingerie is beautiful and affordable and definitely sexy. They come in a variety of colors and made with great quality fabric. Get ready to turn up the heat in the bedroom with there Valentina Teddy, a fiery red sheer lacy garment.

Valentina Teddy, $35, available at femmesualidad.com


Body Work and Massage Oil – The Butters

Image: getthebutters.com

We know that it’s hard to resist the $5 deals at Target, but in the interest of adulthood and sexy time, it’s time to invest in a good massage oil. The Butters Hygienics Co. levels up your intimate sessions with oils designed to transfer body heat, move, and moisturize without feeling greasy.

Body Work and Massage Oil, $10, available at getthebutters.com


Couples Surprise Crate – Kink Crate

Image: kinkcrate.com

Go ahead and get kinky with your partner — the bedroom should always be a safe and shame-free place to explore and open up about your needs and desires and this box can help you with that. The Couples Surprise Crate from Kink Crate includes items ranging from restraints and gags to whips, lubes, candles, and more. A complete guide to introduce you and your partner to all the items is also included. This box is your chance to try something different in the bedroom and just have fun.

Couples Surprise Crate, $59.95, available at kinkcrate.com


Seduce Me French Kiss Collection – Bedroom Kandi

Image: bedroomkandi.com

The name says it all with these seductive fragrance from Bedroom Kandi’s Seduce Me French Kiss Collection. Their products include a blend of black raspberries, rose blooms, and dark vanilla bean to get you in the mood for a night of seduction. The bundle includes a lotion, mist, and wash so you can go from the tub to a lotion sesh and wrap it up with some mist to get the night going.

Seduce Me French Kiss Collection, $61, available at bedroomkandi.com

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