Shakira’s 26 Best Songs of All Time

Photo: ShakiraLand/YouTube

Sunday, February 2 isn’t just the day that Shakira makes history with Jennifer Lopez this year, performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. It is also the Colombian star’s birthday (she will be turning 43). Colombians have been knowing about Shakira, and her musical talent for decades now. This means knowing about her various musical phases, which people usually break down by what her hair color was at the time (black, then red, then today’s blonde). Some of her iconic songs that most of us know are “Estoy Aqui,” “Ciega, Sordomuda,” “Whenever Wherever”/”Suerte,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “Bicicleta” (a Carlos Vives song Shak is featured on).

Of course, Shakira has gone on to be an international superstar, with fans around the world knowing her jams. In celebration of the Barranquillera’s b-day, we wanted to share 26 of these great Shakira recordings you (and everyone else) should know.




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