29 Latinx Companies to Support This Holiday Season

Where you place your investments is a good indicator of what you value in life. The fact is Latinos have insane purchasing power; Nielsen projects our buying power will reach around $1.7 trillion by 2020. Money talks and trust me, the national conversation of hatred toward brown folks would not be so strong if people felt the economic impact of losing the purchasing power of the Latinx community. It’s time we all think about the companies we give our hard-earned money to (if we haven’t already done so). These 23 companies will make you proud to know you’re supporting hardworking Latinx who are following their dreams and repping hard for la cultura. After all, we’ve got to put our money where our people are!

Nalgona Positivity Pride

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NPP is a Xicana-owned, body positive company helping spread awareness about the damaging effects of eating disorders in brown communities while at the same time uplifting women of color and reaffirming that all bodies are beautiful. Shop here.




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