29 Latinx Companies to Support This Holiday Season

Where you place your investments is a good indicator of what you value in life

Latinx-Owned Businesses to Support HipLatina

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Where you place your investments is a good indicator of what you value in life. The fact is Latinos have insane purchasing power; Nielsen projects our buying power will reach around $1.7 trillion by 2020. Money talks and trust me, the national conversation of hatred toward brown folks would not be so strong if people felt the economic impact of losing the purchasing power of the Latinx community. It’s time we all think about the companies we give our hard-earned money to (if we haven’t already done so). These 23 companies will make you proud to know you’re supporting hardworking Latinx who are following their dreams and repping hard for la cultura. After all, we’ve got to put our money where our people are!

Nalgona Positivity Pride

NPP is a Xicana-owned, body positive company helping spread awareness about the damaging effects of eating disorders in brown communities while at the same time uplifting women of color and reaffirming that all bodies are beautiful. Shop here.


Raggedy Tiff

Designer Jessica Resendíz puts out new seasonal collections paying homage to her cultura. The designs are chic and handmade. Make sure you follow her though because her pieces sell out fast. Shop here.


Peralta Project


Tony Peralta‘s fun designs are a unique play on Latinx popular culture. This Dominicano is out there repping for NY and all the Afro-Latinos making sure they have clothes and pins that speak to their experience. Shop here.


Fúchila Fresheners

You know that friend whose car always smells like day-old food. Well, it’s time to give them a not so subtle hit with these fresheners that not only smell great, but are too cute! Shop here.




All-natural lip butters with flavors like Coco Loco and Horchata that will delight your lips. Shop here.


Indie 184

This Afro-Dominican artist creates pieces that honor badass women throughout history. They are colorful, bold, and downright dope. Shop here.


Shop Mi Vida

Shop Mi Vida has a brick and mortar location in Los Angeles, where they sell an assortment of Latinx items from some of the companies featured on this list. But you can also order special products straight from their site, like this adorable Brujita Box to bring in the good vibes next year. Shop here.


Rebo Prints


This DACA recipient is using his talents to create t-shirts with powerful statements we can definitely get behind. Shop here.


Loquita Bath and Body

Pamper the hard-working loves in your life with some bath time treats that look good enough to eat – but they shouldn’t! Shop here.


Bella Doña 

Bold, unapologetic, chingona AF? Yup, you need to get that Bella Doña swag ASAP. Shop here.


J. Marie Swim

It’s beach season somewhere and any of these J. Marie Swim pieces by Puerto Rican model (oh, and Bruno Mars’ girlfriend) Jessica Caban, will help you stand out on the playa! Shop here.


Vive Cosmetics

Who doesn’t want kissable lips with a bomb pop of color?! Surprise those on your list with a matte gloss that’s vegan and cruelty free! Shop here.


Somar ATX

We love a good Selena tee as much as the next person and Somar ATX’s designs are giving us life. But in addition to honoring the late-great Queen of Tejano, they also have statement identity tee’s like: Minorities Are Priorities and Xicana. Shop here.


Brooklyn Coquito


No holiday gathering is complete without coquito. If you don’t have a recipe you love or just don’t have time to make your own, leave it to Johnny Rivera to provide your crew with the libations they need. Unfortunately he’s just operating in the NYC area, but he does sell dope ‘got coquito’ hats for those of us who want some of the coquito action. Shop here.


Native Decay


Josh Sandoval’s art is definitely eye-catching and a conversation starter you’ll want in your home or office. Shop here.


Charro Azteca


Becoming a father made Charro Azteca founder, Francisco Galvez realize the importance to making sure there are authentic Mexican products available for people to keep their cultural traditions alive. Through his company he makes it possible for people to preserve their Mexican culture for generations to come. Shop here.


Hija de Tu Madre

The originators of Virgincita jacket that let’s you rep your Latinidad in an unapologetic and fly way. Other designs include the Mexican bandera, Frida, or corazon sagrada. They also have accessories, shirts, and more! Shop here.


Lil’ Libros

Bilingual books are hard to come by. Gift the little ones in your life with precious stories about Selena, Celia Cruz, La Catrina, and more. Shop here.


I Love Micheladas

A good Holiday celebration calls for top-notch drinks. Get this delicious miche mix delivered straight to your door and your guests will be thrilled. Fair warning: Stash some extras for yourself so you aren’t left empty-handed once the party is over. Shop here.


Viva La Bonita

The goodies at Viva La Bonita just might speak to you and your homegirls on a level like nothing else. Shop here.


Chic Party Goods


Forget Party City! Put a Latin twist on party decorations with Chic Party Goods’ culturally relevant designs. Shop here.


Honey B Gold

Statement jewelry takes on a whole new meaning with these fuego pieces from Honey B Gold. Shop here.


Corazón Book

Yesika Salgado bares her heart and soul in this honest, emotional, and beautiful book of poetry. Buy two because you’ll be pissed if you don’t keep one for yourself. Shop here.


Daughter of an Immigrant

Hoodies and shirts that let the world know you are proud of where you’ve come from. Shop here.


Majestic Bliss Soaps

When using or gifting Marcela Arrieta’s Majestic Bliss Soaps you can be sure that they have been hand-poured from a place of love and positive intentions. Each soap is specifically handcrafted to meet the customer’s need. And they’re safe for pets and humans alike. Shop here.


Twisted for Sugar


Now is the perfect time to indulge that sweet tooth. Gourmet cotton candy with a Latin twist will please just about everyone on your Christmas list. Shop here.


Mala by Patty Rodriguez

Mala by Patty Rodriguez offers necklaces and pins that do the speaking for you, which is perfect because we’re sick of explaining ourselves to people. Shop here.


Mija Culture


Honestly, between this chisme shirt and ‘mijita’ cap, we’re pretty obsessed (and I know you are too)! Shop here.


Bésame Cosmetics


Very rarely can you walk into a major makeup retailer and know that you can purchase something Latina-owned. Well, Bésame Cosmetics creator has made that a reality. Her vintage-inspired makeup has proven its desirability and is available at Sephora. Shop here.

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