7 Relatable Signs You’re a Latina Mom 

Being a Latina mom means there are certain cultural quirks that you’ve adapted like blasting music when cleaning on weekends

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Being a Latina mom means there are certain cultural quirks that you’ve adapted like blasting music when cleaning on weekends. We tend to take these little moments and habits that many of us grew up with for granted until we start to  When our best friends become our kid’s tias and we also start taking butter containers to use as tupperware that’s when you know, you’re officially a Latina momWe’ve rounded up some of the signs that indicate you have indeed become just like your mami. 


You are all about extended family. 

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Seriously, how does anyone raise children without the help of familia? Having abuela around means you can sometimes get a moment of peace but it also means the kids probably get a lot more sweets than they should. 


Your closest friends are tias/tios to your kids. 

Sure, you love your relatives, but you also love your friends who have become like family. That’s why your kids end up having a whole bunch of tías, tíos, primas, and primos that they aren’t technically related to. When they’re like familia to you they become familia to your kids and all the kids grow up together which is truly the best. 


Your kids know that there’s food at home. 

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“Hay comida en la casa,” is what you say when your kids ask to buy snacks outside the home. You heard it when you were a kid and now you say it to your kids cause it’s true. They don’t need to know about your secret Starbucks escapes either, that’s mami time. 


Saturday Morning + Music = Time to Clean!

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On Saturday mornings when the music starts pumpin’, you don’t need to look at the clock to know it’s time to clean! Kids nowadays are lucky because they can wear headphones and listen to their own jams. Before it was always mama who got to pick the music you clean to but either way they know what that music means. 

Recycling is cool, but reusing is even better.

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It used to drive you crazy when you were a kid and would reach for the butter container in the fridge only to find that it was filled with beans. Now your kids know that any perfectly good plastic container with a lid gets washed and reused over and over to store leftovers. Everyone just knows that the butter container IS the beans container now. 


You do not want to be interrupted when you are watching your shows! 

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You wouldn’t dare interrupt your mami when she was watching her novelas because you knew she’d just yell at you. Now you don’t want to be interrupted when you are watching your shows. Fortunately, for you and your kids, now they can check out their favorite shows at the touch of a button with the help of tablets and DVRs.


You turn everything into a teachable moment. 

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Does a Latina mom ever take a break from teaching and guiding her kids? Nope. Lessons are everywhere and passed down from generations and there’s more to it then “asi es” as they say. Our moms always reminded us that there are lessons to be learned and that they’re usually right and now we are doing the same with our kids. Whether they are jumping on the couch and fall and we remind them that they should’ve listened or the amigo we didn’t trust ends up hurting them, moms are always ready to see the lesson in it. 

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