8 Times Colombian Singer Karol G Proved She’s a Fearless Feminist

  I started listening to Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G late in the game after she dropped her single “Mi Cama

I started listening to Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G late in the game after she dropped her single “Mi Cama.” The sexy lyrics made a very feminist statement about women and owning their sexuality that really left a powerful impression on me. Karol G has been breaking barriers for women in the urban music scene, where men, machismo, and sexism tend to dominate. Her 2017 album Unstoppable describes exactly where she’s at today—an unstoppable female force in Latin music who isn’t afraid to get raw and real in her lyrics. Her music is dominating the charts and she is set to be honored at this year’s Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards on Wednesday, September 12th. Here are a few times she’s proved to be a fearless feminist.


She’s addressed machismo and male misconduct in her music.

In her song “A Ella,” the Colombian singer addresses the problem with men and their cheating ways and how women shouldn’t put up with it. In an interview with Pitchfork, she opens up about what inspired her to write the song. “It was time to start talking about new things, things that would cater to and work for women. I am open to discussing anything,” she said.


She refuses to censor herself and it’s for a reason.

I love it when men can identify, and I love it when women listen and say, ‘That is exactly what happened to me!’” She told Pitchfork. “That’s the main reason why I discuss any topic without censoring myself. We women get angry. We want to dance, drink and have fun. We have been unfaithful and people have been unfaithful to us. We fell. And I want to discuss all of that in my songs.”


She’s not afraid to call out Reggaeton’s gender imbalance.

She believes that the Latin urban music scene is finally making space for women and it’s only going to keep happening. “It’s time,” she told Billboard. “There’s a strong wave of songs by women. Even if the songs are collabs, women have the intros and the chorus, which is what people can sing. We’re getting the credibility, the spaces in the award shows, and people want to hear our point of view. This can only get bigger.”


She wants to create change.

She spoke in a panel put together by Billboard about women taking the lead in the Latin music scene. Other artist on the panel included Becky G and Yuridia. “Not only being Colombian, but I think that Latin music in general needed new faces, new women. We have J.Lo and we have Shakira who are some of our top artists and we respect them because they’ve been around for so many years. But the people wanted to see more … 2017 was a year that broke the ice,” she said in Spanish. She goes on to explain how platforms like Spotify have given more Latin female artists in the urban music scene a platform and an opportunity to demonstrate their talents.


She flipped the script in her song “Mi Cama.”

In this song she addresses the misconception a lot of men have regarding how women cope with breakups and the assumption that women can’t function without them. Her catchy and sexy lyrics illustrate a single, confident woman who has actually found happiness post-breakup and is doing her thing, seeing other people and having fun. It’s genius.


She’s all about female empowerment and wants to inspire women.

I want women to know that it’s possible—that women have the talent, the attitude and the drive,” she told People Chica.


She collabs rather than competes with other women in the reggaeton scene.

Karol has a good relationship with some of her rival artists including Becky G. She’s proud to call other Latinas in the urban music space her friends.


She honors the female artists that came before her.

Karol is a big fan of the late Selena Quintanilla and singer Rihanna and recently got a new tattoo of them both as a major tribute.

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