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This Powerful Music Video on Immigration and Identity Will Bring You to Tears

When Donald Trump campaigned for president with a hateful message against immigrants and minorities, the majority were in shock. When he implemented a travel ban against Muslims after becoming president, the world said enough.

Artist Tamtam was right there, protesting alongside thousands. She voiced her discontent toward the Trump administration through music. The result of her words and music has come to life in a powerful new video titled “Identify Myself.”


“It is about standing up for humanity,” Tamtam said. “It is about appreciating our differences in appearance, in culture, in religion, and in the way we think. It is about communicating with one another in order to respect each other’s opinions. It is about coexisting and appreciating the diversity of the world.”

Check out the video below:


“I wrote this song initially because  although I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I come from a mixed background of many different countries in the Middle East, so I don’t look Saudi at all,” The Los Angeles resident tells HipLatina. “Growing up there, everyone would ask me where I’m from, and they wouldn’t believe me when I said I was Saudi even though it was the only place I could call home. So I decided to write a song about just being human, and identifying myself as just that.”

“I was really inspired while writing this song because I wanted to convey to people that it is time for us all to see each other as the same, we are all human beings first, before our race or our countries or our religions,” Tamtam says. “And only when we really understand that we are all the same, will we be able to have more peace in the world.”

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