Spanish Women Are Boycotting Maluma For Being A Sexist Machista

Colombian pop star Maluma is going on tour, but there’s at least one country where he should be very cautious: Spain

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Photo: Wikimedia/Teca Lamboglia from São Paulo, Brasil

Colombian pop star Maluma is going on tour, but there’s at least one country where he should be very cautious: Spain. Women there do not like him, apparently. The disdain is based on Maluma’s persona, his videos, and his lyrics — mainly stemming from his single “Mala Mía.” Yes, you know the song — or should we say, the MTV VMA performance in which Maluma was surrounded by women, kissing at least one of them, which is a lot like the video. See for yourself.

That is what prompted the social media hashtag: #MejorSolaQueConMaluma, which translates to “better alone than with Maluma.” Yikes. Women are posting pictures of themselves giving Maluma the middle finger.

The boycott also launched a petition on titled “No to Maluma in Palencia.”

The petition asks that Maluma should not take part in the musical festivities in Palencia, Spain because his music is “sexist, misogynist and degrading lyrics towards all and women.” The petition, also says that Maluma’s music encourages “sexist violence.”

“There are many cultural alternatives more appropriate and respectful than similar ‘artist’ for which it could be replaced, without fear that the city loses the benefits derived from a concert of such magnitude.” The petition has almost reached its goal of 30,000 signatures.

In an interview with the Spanish publication El País, Maluma discusses the negative responses from some women and saying that perhaps some people misunderstand him because they’re too old.

“I already knew that this was going to happen. I listen, value and respect the point of view of others, I think it is important that there are people who do not take me to keep growing,” Maluma told El País.  “I will not change my speech for several or many people who are against.”

He goes on to say: “The youth of today live that kind of thing, I understand that people of 40 or 50 years do not understand it because they do not live them, but if you go out today to a record, you easily see two men surrounded by 10 or 15 women, and if they come out of there, surely they would make love with the 10 women, but nobody judges them because nobody knows them.”

Maluma also shares that he is basically two different people, Maluma the artist and his off stage reality as Juan Luis (his real name).

“I was raised by my mother and my sister who taught me from the beginning respect for women, and now I go through a relationship in which my girlfriend perfectly understands my career. When I get home, I’m Juan Luis.”

His girlfriend, Natalia Barulich, said that exact thing on TMZ. When asked how she felt about his VMA performance, including kissing a dancer, she replied by saying that while she was surprised by it, that is Maluma not Juan Luis.

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