25 Nail Polish Colors That Will Be Trending in Spring

March 19 marks the official first day of spring, and we can’t wait for all the floral prints, cute sandals, and of course, the spring-worthy nails

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March 19 marks the official first day of spring, and we can’t wait for all the floral prints, cute sandals, and of course, the spring-worthy nails. Winter is over, and it’s time to really have fun with your uñas. And while for the past few seasons, nail designs, prints, and patterns have been front and center, there are still tons of great new nail color trends you’ll want to try out.

In fact, we put together a roundup of 25 nail color ideas you’ll want to try out for spring 2020. You’ll have enough options to spend the entire season rocking everything from a cool version of nude, to jet black, and so many hues in between.



Some rich, deep colors that you would associate with the fall and winter seasons will be trending for the spring of 2020. Like various shades of browns. They’re neutral but interesting and sophisticated but a breath of fresh air from dark burgundies and black.


Flame Scarlet

Photo: Chanel

Every fashion season, the Pantone Color Institute reveals the Fashion Color Trend Report, which fills the industry, and everyone else, on what colors will be on-trend. For Spring/Summer 2020 NYFW, 12 colors were a part of the palette, including Flame Scarlet. Described as a “burning bright” hue that “exudes confidence and determination,” Flame Scarlet is also available in stylish nail polishes; a cool option is Chanel’s Arancio Vibrante.



If you like your nails super bright, then there’s cause for celebration — neon nail polish is still on-trend. Neon green will be a trend within the neon trend, but also have fun with other punchy hues like neon pink, neon orange, and neon yellow, which also appears to be trending right now. It’s time to shine bright in 2020!


Barely There Colors

On the other end of the spectrum, barely-there polish will also be a thing for 2020. Soft pinks, creamy beiges, whisper whites, super light greys and lavenders not only leave your nails looking like your nails — but better — but they are also forgiving when it comes to chips and nail growth. And they go with everything in your closet!


Fun French Manicures

French manicures are also going strong into spring 2020. You can rock the traditional white and nude or pink version, but so many are having fun trying out all sorts of color and print variations. We’ve seen neon French, leopard French, double French, metallic French, and more. It’s all about taking this timeless classic, and turning it on its head (or nail, rather).


Matte Polish

Matte nails are a 2020 trend that instantly allows you to transform your preferred polish shade. The good thing about nail trends this year is that there is something for everybody, with options on either side of the spectrum. And you can combine trends, like creating negative space with a cool matte, artistic design.



We love to reach for pastels in spring; it’s almost an unconscious choice that we associate with spring flowers, Easter eggs, and the weather warming up. But pastels are also trending this year, which you can also attribute to the ’90s craze. Among these pastel hues, you’ll be seeing on nails is pretty lilac purple.


Shades of Blue

Perhaps it’s because Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year, but blues of all shades will be trending in 2020. You can opt for one beautiful blue hue across all nails, or don several on each hand. Cool colors like this will relax you, and look ultra-cool against classic denim.



You don’t have to put your glitter polish away once the holiday season has passed. We love rocking luxe sparkles year-round, and even more so now that we know it’s trending for spring 2020. Try adding glitter to the top portion of the nail on a mani, or feel free to layer it on for all-over dazzle.


Mood Ring Nails

A nail style that you’ll want to try out for yourself, and will no doubt be staring at endlessly, is the tiger eye/cat eye/mood ring trend. The mood ring nail polish is especially cool, as it not only throws off different colors but it changes hues with a change in temperature. The effect is both futuristic, but also vintage ’70s at the same time.


Negative Space

No matter what colors you gravitate towards this season, take them to the next level with another big trend — negative space. The striking trend is continuing into 2020 for nails. You will see patterns like swirls, stripes, polka dots, leopard print, and more. The only thing holding you back from a fabulous negative space manicure is your imagination.



Cinnamon isn’t just a trendy color to wear; it’s also going to be trending for nails! The warm hue is also part of Pantone’s Spring/Summer NYFW hues (Cinnamon Stick), so expect to see this neutral yet fashionable hue everywhere.



Spring is all about coming out of the winter reborn, and ready to bloom. It is the season of new greenery, so it’s no surprise that nails in all shades of green are going to be popular during these months. We have seen beautiful shades on nails, from soothing mint green to plant-like greens, to dark hunter green.


Snake/Python Nails

Another fun trend to try out on your nails in 2020 is python/snake print. It’s a win-win trend since the colors are neutral, but the print is elevated. It’s a great aesthetic when you want a mani that will go with most of your looks but want something edgy.



There has been quite a buzz lately about pearlescent nails making a comeback. These frosty hues were big in the 1980s, and still, look so pretty today. Of course, with the advancements in nail polish, there are cool effects now that make pearlescent and iridescent nails throw off beautiful colors.



If you want a neutral mani with some added interest, then the milky white nail trend is a stylish option. Created to resemble milk, these nails strike a perfect balance between sheer and opaque. The result is beautiful, yet understated.



Of course, chic black is a forever classic, but the dark hue will be trending for nails–in spring! It’s such a stark departure for the lighter pastels many opt for during this season, looks striking, and will go with everything you wear it with.


Daffodil Yellow and Pastel Yellow

Spring was just made for sunny yellow. The color of the sun and cheery flowers, yellow is a big trend for nails this season, and year. You will see both pastel or buttery versions of the hue, as well as a brighter, daffodil-like option (and of course neon yellow). It’s time to choose your favorite shade of yellow and rock it!


Ballerina Pink and Ballerina Pearl

For those who want a softer, super feminine color on their nails, there is always the go-to option of pink. For spring 2020, a ballerina pink will be trending, as well as a similar pink with a pearl finish.


Rose Gold

Within the metallic nail polish trend, you’ll be seeing in 2020, there is the rose gold trend. The warm neutral pink is given the luxe treatment with a metallic finish that instantly makes everything you wear with it look fancier. You can opt for a metallic polish, rose gold glitter polish/glitter, or both for a layered look.


The ’80s More is More

Don’t be afraid to opt for all things extra when picking out your 2020 nail designs. While super simple uñas are on-trend, so are delightfully ornate ones. We have seen a bunch of electric ’80s-inspired  colors, patterns and prints, with cheery Pop Art colors to match. Because girls just wanna have fun. 



Want a moody yet neutral hue for your uñas? Why not try on-trend grey? You will be seeing different takes on the color this season and year, from a pastel dove grey to blue and lilac greys, to metallic and darker greys. 


Cool Nudes

When you hear the words “nude nail polish,” you may yawn in boredom. But a good nude goes with everything, makes your nails and hands look so neat and clean, and make your fingers look longer too. But we get it, they’re not always so exciting. This spring, though, a new batch of hues that fall into the nude category is breathing fresh life into salon options.


Animal Prints

Animal prints aren’t going anywhere in 2020, and that includes on nails. You will see the ever-popular leopard, as well as cow print (also part of the Western nail trend), and python. A way to upgrade a leopard mani for the new year is to feature this fun print in French manicure form (a la Kylie Jenner).


Dark Teal

So, you want a dark color on your nails for spring, but also want a pretty color that signals that spring is here. Dark teal may be the perfect solution to this problem. You get the moody darkness, but with a beautiful blue-green hue that looks so beautiful. Win-win.

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