The New Spring Break Exclusively For Us The Grown-Ups

When we hear the term “Spring Break” it takes many of us to the places of pre-grown-ups and post we knew better

Photo: Unsplash/@akaunas

Photo: Unsplash/@akaunas

When we hear the term “Spring Break” it takes many of us to the places of pre-grown-ups and post we knew better. The five short nights of sleeping with five college girlfriends into the cheapest “all-inclusive” resort. Inclusive in those days were the days of all you can eat buffets with questionable Mexican inspired food made to feed the masses, and drinks that didn’t seem to give you a hangover then, but now, forget it.

Today, that has all changed! Now we have dozens of options that give you the ultimate uber spa experiences, mindful disconnect, and complete immersion into the culinary world of the Mexican culture. My Mantra for 2018: Disconnect, relax, nourish, and reconnect.


I discovered Le Blanc Spa Resort by Palace Resorts on my last visit in 2017, however, it was opening in spring of 2018. Bingo, spring 2018 was my time to disconnect. We had the opportunity to sneak in a reservation under the soft opening of the most beautifully designed hotels in Los Cabos. The architecture was super hip and posh, designed by Roberto Elias of Elisas Studio and with interiors by Francois Frossard of Francois Frossard Design. It was inspired by the flora and the fauna of Los Cabos, as well as the climate, landscape and surrounding mountains.

The hospitality mantra for the LeBlanc is never to miss an opportunity to delight and deliver the most opulent, luxurious, and unforgettable experiences. “With this new resort, we are bringing something very important to the destination of Los Cabos that did not exist until today – an adults-only, luxury all-inclusive that has spared no detail in its opulence,” Chapur said at the official grand opening party.

We settled into our beautiful, modern, ultra-luxe room and all we could do is take in the amazing view and visually devour every amenity offered. As an all-inclusive adult resort, they included self-serve top shelf spirits, imported wines, a fully stocked complimentary mini refrigerator, and a drawer full of M&M, salted nuts, and other snacks.


Quiet your mind, replenish your body, and satiate your soul. The Blanc Spa is state-of-the-art transcendence. We chose from the robust menu of extraordinary modern and time-honored treatments. This lavish facility boasts 25 treatment suites, including single rooms and couple rooms. Treat yourself, pamper that special someone, or enjoy a lavish couple’s massage session. Discover a level of bliss not generally found in the outside world.

Nurture + Nourish

Nourish the body. The culinary options have been thoughtfully created for the healthy and clean eating in mind. Dining options will nourish the body. Over seven international delights from the casual pool bar to dining next to ocean for an early recovery breakfast. The flavors of palette venture to traditional Mexican-Fusion, Italian, Asian, Lebanese to the marquis dining experience at Lumiere. Let the refinery commence with the vanilla hues of a ‘French Kiss’ and select carefully. Place your trust in your chef’s opulent five-course tasting menu with melt-in-your-mouth escargots and a fresh burst of Niçoise salad. Alternatively, wind your own path through the Parisian streets, slicing softly through a creamy goat cheese cake and savoring a delectable Filet de Bœuf. Circling back to the reconnect.

Once we could catch our breath from the surrounding it gave time to sit, regroup, We found happiness in reconnecting our intimacy through the means of the place we could call a temporary sanctuary. Le Blanc Spa Resort is the ultimate spot for grown-ups on spring break.

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