25 Hair Tutorials to Help You Create Spring’s Top Style Trends

Believe it or not, the majority of this year’s hair trends are actually being borrowed from the past. You’ll be seeing a lot of ’70s ‘fros and shag haircuts, ’80s lady-like hair combs, and ’90s flips. While we love vintage inspiration, we are probably the most excited over natural textures being embraced. The 2020 runways featured beautiful curls, cornrow braids, and hair in its beautiful and natural state. It’s about time, and we look forward to seeing more of this.

If you loved all the fun hair accessories of 2019, fear not. They are still trending for 2020, and some, like scrunchies and bows, have gotten bigger and better for more dramatic effect. Pearls and crystals aren’t going anywhere either. Now that we have you almost all the way caught up on what will be in style for hair this year, here is a look at 25 hairstyle trends to look forward to this year along with helpful YouTube tutorials to help you recreate them!




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