25 Hair Tutorials to Help You Create Spring’s Top Style Trends

Believe it or not, the majority of this year’s hair trends are actually being borrowed from the past. You’ll be seeing a lot of ’70s ‘fros and shag haircuts, ’80s lady-like hair combs, and ’90s flips. While we love vintage inspiration, we are probably the most excited over natural textures being embraced. The 2020 runways featured

Photo: YouTube/DulceCandy

Photo: YouTube/DulceCandy

Believe it or not, the majority of this year’s hair trends are actually being borrowed from the past. You’ll be seeing a lot of ’70s ‘fros and shag haircuts, ’80s lady-like hair combs, and ’90s flips. While we love vintage inspiration, we are probably the most excited over natural textures being embraced. The 2020 runways featured beautiful curls, cornrow braids, and hair in its beautiful and natural state. It’s about time, and we look forward to seeing more of this.

If you loved all the fun hair accessories of 2019, fear not. They are still trending for 2020, and some, like scrunchies and bows, have gotten bigger and better for more dramatic effect. Pearls and crystals aren’t going anywhere either. Now that we have you almost all the way caught up on what will be in style for hair this year, here is a look at 25 hairstyle trends to look forward to this year along with helpful YouTube tutorials to help you recreate them!

Slicked Back Wet Hair and Wet Low Ponytail

One of the big hair trends for 2020 is wet hair. You will be seeing both slicked back hair that is down, as well as the wet look low ponytail. The result is sleek yet edgy, and it’s so easy to recreate. One helpful tip is to use gel to keep your hair looking wet all day. The second is to check out this handy YouTube tutorial by one of our favorite Latinx vloggers Dulce Candy.


Cornrow braids originated in Africa and can be traced back to 3000 B.C., so we aren’t going to act as if this is a new trend at all. But this protective style is part of the hair looks seen on the 2020 runways. A particularly cool style that combined two 2020 trends is cornrows adorned with individual pearls. Braids, in general, will be everywhere this year and within that, decorated and textured braids will also be popular.

Messy Updo

Lived-in hair will be at one end of the trend spectrum for this year, and on the other end will be sleek and polished ‘dos. And there will be plenty of styles that fall in between. But it will be a thing to have a style that looks effortless and a bit undone, like this messy updo. Pull down some also-on trend tendrils in the front, and finish off with a trendy black ribbon, silky hair accessory, or large scrunchie.

French Twist

French twists and French twist ponytails will be a thing in 2020. These are two of the ladylike hairstyles we just mentioned as being popular for the year. You can choose to do this sleek and proper in a vintage way, or loosen it up a bit for a more relaxed, modern, and boho option. It’s a great way to keep your hair up but also add a touch of glam and elegance. This helpful YouTube tutorial by Alex Gabourey will show you how to recreate this look.

Decorated Box Braids

Another braid style that has been around for at least 3,000 years is box braids. But for 2020, this popular style is going to be front and center. You will also be this style of braids, and others decorated with beautiful cuffs, pearls, braiding string, and more. To add in another trend within this trend, you can decorate your braids with crystals. The options are truly endless!

Voluminous Curls

Large, voluminous waves and curls are the name of the game in 2020. Many are blessed with this natural texture, and others can easily recreate the look with the help of a 1/2″ barrel curling iron and this how-to YouTube video by Argentinian vlogger Nicole Guerriero. Make sure to run your fingers through your curls to separate and add volume. The look this year is more lived-in and less perfect. And of course, don’t forget your products to hold and moisturize the curl!

Big Fingerwaves

We’re guessing this is an homage to the 1920s for the 2020s, but finger waves are one of the big hairstyles this year. This is version of the iconic waves is more exaggerated for added drama. We found this helpful YouTube how-to that will teach beginners how to create and perfect finger waves for the new year. If you don’t have the also popular in the 1920s and on-trend today bob haircut, you can wear your waves with a low bun, as was seen on the runway.


It’s fun to see trends come full circle and return to the mainstream. We already know that practically everything 1990s is back in a huge way, and with each season we see more and more specific trends take us back to the decade of “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” For 2020, one particular hair trend is the two tendrils of hair in the front, as well as these tendrils braided. It’s so ’90s, yet still looks pretty today. This YouTube video by Nikole Jackson shows you how to create several ’90s updos, some of which feature tendrils.

1980s Hair combs


Another ’80s hairstyle you’ll be seeing will be hair half down, with the two sides pulled away from the face and tucked in place with hair combs. It’s part of the larger ladylike trend for hair, where styles will be polished and with a vintage slant. These include the French twist, voluminous bouffants, and retro low buns. There seems to be a decade for most everyone, and a style that you can take and make your own this year.

Lavender Sprigs

The runways literally came alive with beautiful flowers tucked into the hair of the models. Within the floral hair trend, there was the darling addition of lavender sprigs in loose, prairie/boho braids. This is easy to copy, with either fresh lavender, or a dupe that looks just like the real thing. This YouTube tutorial by Amanda Faye will show you how to do four different boho braids that you can easily add some lavender to.

Wednesday Addams/Schoolgirl/Pigtail Braids

We told you that braids are a huge trend this year! Even double braids/low pigtail braids, a la Wednesday Addams, will be popular. We saw this style with braids both in front of or behind the ear and with some continuing up the sides of the head.

Half-Up Buns

Another effortless, easy-to-copy hairstyle that is trending for 2020 is the messy or lived-in half-up bun. There are so many different ways to do this style, that you can really have fun trying different iterations. As with the other styles, you can also find ways to add cool accessories for some added interest.

Big 1960s Hair

One of the decades we are going back to for hair this year is the 1960s. We are talking big bouffants, the hair flip, and more. You can choose how bold–and big–you get with your volume, but this video by John Frieda stylist Giles Robinson will show you how to rock a ’60s beehive in no time.

Center Part

One of the most simple to achieve trends in hair for 2020 is the center part. It speaks to both the ’90s sleek trends we have been seeing like the bob, and the ’70s throwback trends we are starting to see make a comeback. All you have to do is create your part in the center, and rock your hair the way you want —loose waves, tight curls, in a slick pony or bun, or stick straight.

Big Scrunchies and Other Large Accessories

Scrunchies aren’t going away in 2020. In fact, even bigger, bolder ones will be in style this year. It seemed we loved hair accessories so much in 2019, that the trend is going strong, and the demand led to more striking, oversized options. This YouTube tutorial by Lyss Ryann shows you how to use your favorite scrunchies to create nine different, pretty hairstyles.

Beachy Waves

As part of the lived-in, voluminous hair trend(s) for the year, we will be seeing beautiful, bouncy beach waves. Whether all you need is a bit of surf spray, or curling iron, or nothing at all, this style is easy to copy and looks so effortless and romantic.

’60s/’90s Hair Flip

We briefly mentioned this trend when speaking about ’60s hairstyles, but the flip is a look that originated in the 1960s and trended again in the ’90s. And it’s back for 2020! You will see this flip effect with the hair down and as part of a ponytail and half ponytail. It’s such an easy way to change up your current go-to styles and looks so cute! Check out this ’90s flip YouTube tutorial by Crowned K.

Sleek Low Bun

The sleek low bun will probably never go out of style, but it is definitely a trend for 2020 (also try out a messy low bun which will also be in style!). It gets your hair out of your face, and puts the focus on it; looks so sleek, severe (in a good way), and elegant; and is so easy to recreate. This YouTube hair tutorial, by Mexicana Karen Sarahi Gonzalez of iluvsarahii, will show you how (added bonus: it also features the trending center part!).

Black Ribbon

The following trend is so simple, yet attention-grabbing and sweet, and as inexpensive as buying ribbon by the yard at the local craft store. Black ribbons and bows in the hair are going to be a big thing for 2020. It gives your hair, and the outfits you wear, a feminine, vintage touch, and you can have fun trying out different types/widths of ribbon and hairstyles to wear them with.

Side Swept Bangs

Yet another ’90s trend that is making an appearance in 2020 is side-swept bangs. This style of bangs is easy to recreate even if your hair is long, and helps to frame the face and bring attention to it (especially the eyes) while camouflaging the forehead and shortening the face (if desired). Another similar trend for the year is a side part, which is also so simple to recreate. Sometimes just changing your usual hair part can completely change up your whole look.

Low Ponytail

Low ponytails allow you to have a swept-back hairstyle, but also showcase your hair and its length in the back. And, they will be trending for 2020. You will see these rocked natural, purposely frizzy, wet, sleek, and adorned with on-trend accessories. This YouTube how-to by Patry Jordan shows you how to recreate 10 different low ponies.

Feathered Hair

We’re happy we found this throwback video of Dulce Candy’s. Because in this tutorial, she shows us how to recreate one of 2020’s biggest looks — feathered hair a la Farrah Fawcett. The 1970s style, which features layers that lead to major volume, has been modernized for the 2020s and still looks fabulously extra.


Seriously stocked up on a ton of adorable and chic pearl hair accessories last year? No need to put them away in 2020! Pearls proved to be a strong trend and will remain popular for hair. This handy DIY video by Suzette Fuentes teaches you how to craft the cool pearl hair clips and barrettes you always wanted. It’s perfect for a weekend DIY where you can create something totally custom.

French Girl Bob

Bob haircuts are going to continue to dominate in 2020 (but so is medium-length hair, so if you’ve grown out yours to that length, your hair also be on-trend). Within that trend, we have seen a renaissance (but did it ever go away?) of the effortlessly chic French girl bob. Think a bob and bangs, but with a cool wave that looks like the hair has been air-dried.

Rounded ‘Fro

This year is all about showcasing your natural texture and embracing volume in the hair. It’s also a trip back to the decades that embraced these two concepts. You couldn’t have the ’70s without the ‘fro, and the rounded version of this glorious halo of curls is back in style this year. In this YouTube hair tutorial, TheNotoriousKIA shows us how to recreate her beautiful ‘fro.

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