StilettoConfessions Tops Our Best Dressed on Instagram Round Up

It’s mid-January, and while some are keeping bundled up in the cold, others are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather

Photo: Instagram/stilettoconfessions

Photo: Instagram/stilettoconfessions

It’s mid-January, and while some are keeping bundled up in the cold, others are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. This week’s edition of HipLatina Style showcases nine Latinas whose fashionable outfits caught our attention and made our best dressed list. Don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos with #HipLatinaStyle to be featured next week!

Casual Cool

Guatemalan blogger Laura Cipperly looks fab in this slouchy neutral sweater, casually tucked into a fun, studded miniskirt and classic Gucci loafers. The cognac leather bag and shades are the perfect finishing touches.

It’s Fun to be Extra

Red is one of the colors of the moment, and adds such a pop to any outfit. Mexicana blogger Jennifer of StilettoConfessions took a trip to the coffee shop and made it an opportunity to be best dressed in a red fluffy coat, matching heels, heart-shaped glasses, patent leather leggings, and a t-shirt that says it all–Extra. The designer handbag just ups the luxe factor.

This Look is the Cat’s Meow

It just takes a little something different to change up a look. Blogger Niki Camacho takes a cute outfit to the next level by adding whimsical cat tights.

A Pop of Yellow Brings the Sun Out

Blogger Bianca Miller mixes camo with fun doses of yellow and the result is pure sunshine! This outfit is a great reminder to try out different colors to really set your outfit apart from the rest.

Classically Chic

Fisherman hats are having a major moment right now. Naomi Noel, blogger of Southern Sophisticated kept it classic with the hat, jeans (distressed to up the cool factor), pumps, striped sweater, and timeless handbag. The pop of color in the sweater keeps the look from looking too familiar.

Explore Color!

A common thread in this week’s style standouts is the use of rich pops of fun color. This is definitely the case with Daisy Mata’s outfit. It’s a great boho ensemble, made sleek with the addition of black, but made fun and unexpected with the cheery yellow tee. We are also loving the neck scarf, which adds another layer of interest to the look.

Boricua NYC style blogger Sandra N., a.k.a. La Pecosa Preciosa, owned this entire look. Every piece is thought out, but it looks stylish, and not forced. The t-shirt and leopard print booties are fun, the skirt adds elegance, the jacket toughens up the ensemble, and the tassel-trimmed clutch introduces yet another visual point of interest. Each piece is fabulous on its own, but together, make for a flawless look.

We Are Allergic to Vanilla Too!

Classic, timeless looks are such for a reason. But we are not for just sticking to the same safe looks all the time. Fashion is meant to be fun, varied, and a way to try new ways to express your individuality and personality. Allergic to Vanilla, a.k.a. San Francisco blogger Carlina Harris gets this. In a city where it’s hard to be stylish, since everyone else is so casual, Harris throws caution to the wind in an ornate, embroidered rose dress and berry-colored furry stole.

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