Photo: Instagram/@zinteta

This Spanish Artist Is Making Beautiful Art Out of Women’s “Imperfections”

Imagine our imperfections could be viewed as colorful works of art. If they were, wouldn’t you want to show them off? I sure would, which is why I was amazed when I saw the work of 21-year-old Cinta Tort Cartró from Barcelona, Spain.

Her Instagram page is loaded with her artwork and one of the most stunning things about her work is that she beautifies the stuff women don’t necessarily want to talk about or show. Some of those things are of course stretch marks, period stains, tampons, etc. And she uses the most vibrant combinations of colors we’ve ever seen.

In one IG post, the artist wrote: “Watch them, read them, discover them and love them. Stretch marks ??❤️?? Very small ones make us hate everything we have in our body and constantly try to eliminate everything that is not normal for them: stains, freckles, hairs, and a host of other things. Stretch marks are those marks that many of us have on the skin. I spent years hating them and trying to find a way to eliminate them, until I realized that if I did not accept them I was not accepting myself. A few years ago I started to work on self love and to accept and see everything in my body. To accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it and, after all, accept yourself. Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and us. They are so beautiful that I do not know how sometimes they get us to hate them. Observing them is therapeutic. You do not let them mess with everything you have and everything you are. To love oneself is a revolutionary act.”

Cartró  did what most of wish we could: she made her stretch marks stand out with incredible colors and now they are more beautiful than ever. Now I want to do the same! I am sure my creations won’t be as amazing as hers, but it’s okay because my beauty marks are unique to me!

Check each slide to view her amazing artwork.